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Half of New York’s Food Waste Will No Longer Go to Landfills


food_wasteBig restaurants and major food chains in the city of New York joined forces in a common cause to keep food waste away from landfills.

Last week, the city mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that more than 100 restaurants have set a target to reduce commercial food waste added to landfills by up to 50%. The uneaten food will be either recycled or composted.

In his announcement, Bloomberg pointed out that around 70%, or 20,000 tons a day, of food added to landfills comes from restaurants.

In addition, the mayor stated that the city is starting the expansion of a new composting pilot program. Currently it is implemented in schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan. The results are already apparent, showing a drop in food waste sent to landfills from the two boroughs’ schools of 38%. The plan is to include all New York schools in the next two years.

Last week, Bloomberg also stated that nine acres of land, owned by the city and remaining unused, will be converted into community gardens. Community groups can already apply to manage it.

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