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Paris Pull Out Meets Fierce Resistance While Southwest US Melts


When President Trump decided to pull out of the Paris Accords, the public screamed in opposition to a poorly conceived move. But now, it would appear that state and local officials from across the USA are committing to follow the Paris Guidelines, even if it isn’t official US policy.

The Paris Accords were designed to be agreed to by nations, and not local governments. But with Trump’s absurd action on the table, governors and mayors are making their citizen’s voices heard.

This all comes at a time when the US is experiencing some of the hottest weather on record, and loads of plastic goodies are melting into the ground.

Not A Popular Move

It should be clear by now that most of the people in the United States don’t want Trump&Co. to go though with their carbon-heavy pollution programs.

This view was recently trumpeted by 7,400 mayors from across the US and Europe, who all want to adhere to the goals set forth under Barack Obama.

This view stands in stark contrast to the development programs that President Trump has set out to make a reality, and we can only wonder why he is doing such horrible things to the environment.

My guess is that it involves money, and some very well connected people in the USA.

Is It Hot In Here?

These actions come at a time when the world is experiencing record high temperatures, and people in the Southwest US are saving money on fuel by using the sun to cook in their driveways.

On the downside it is impossible for people to drive without oven mitts, and many plastic accessories have begun to melt in the extreme heat.

It is ironic that the plastic that fracking operations create is unable to function in the temperatures that currently exist in the summer months, but they are likely just the beginning of the problems.

We can only wonder if there will be any kind of coordinated action going forward, and whether or not it will make any difference at all. While climate science is a little on the fuzzy side, it is really hot out there, and airplanes are no longer able to fly in the afternoon heat.

Now would be the time to make serious changes, and thankfully China is taking steps to be a leader in the 21st century. It will be interesting to see what becomes of the USA, as it slowly melts into one giant plastic glob.

[via theguardian]

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