Perendev Motor, a Free Magnetic Energy Generator

This motor is called the Perendev Motor and its inventor says it works by using the power of permanent magnets (neodymium magnets) to propel itself.

You only have to close in the stators to the rotors for it to start spinning. Perendev is said to have made higher power versions of his motor, but none had been sold to the public at the time of this article.

Some even say Perendev cannot be contacted after paying for one of his motors. I don’t know if it’s a hoax, or if Perendev’s business has gone bankrupt.

Update June 15, 2010: Mike Brady, the man behind the Perendev magnetic motor, has been arrested in Germany. More on that here.


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  • Martha Richardson

    hi everyone,
    those interested in a magnetic motor generator i welcome any feedback, i have been working on one but ,i have not been secessfull, magnet placement is confusing, just when you think you got it, it fails,if anyone out there has any ideals or thoughts i’d appreciate it

  • tman207

    fritz, for all we know you have some ties with the big energy companies.
    I’d like to get to that factory and the plans and give it a try…

  • tman207

    Tell me why that doesn’t work?

  • George Glavas

    It actually works, the problem is while it’s working, the magnets are exposed to their own alternating fields which slowly weaken the magnets. I’m making one presently with a new generation magnet to see how long it will put out useable torque. It’s quite a sight to see it working, not nearly as exciting as your unicorn !

  • ddunmer

    geoff your an idiot.

  • G Fritz

    Now that the developer of the Perendev motor (Mike Brady) is in jail for defrauding all those who invested in his magnetic motor will all those folk who believe in these devices wise up to the fact it has always been impossible to make a magnetic motor? (Hint: The answer is NO – people are too stubborn to see the truth).

  • Geoff Fritz

    I use a Perendev motor to run the heating for my unicorn pens. Works just fine.

    • Geoff Atkins

      Adding a small gearwheel, pulleys and cable to it , you can make it clean out the unicorn pens. The unicorn droppings work wonderfully on my wife’s roses.

    • Corne Gouws

      Hi Geoff! Do u still use a per ended motor?

      Cheers Corne

      • Corne Gouws

        PERENDEV. ……