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Professor Korakianitis Doubts Japanese Water Car Claims


Watch the video first, and then read the article. It may be better that way. Some things must be stood up for, because this is our only way of saving the whole world from petrol dependence.

Professor Theodosios Korakianitis from Queen Mary University of London shows us once again how indoctrinated the scientists can be when it comes to anything else but fossil fuels or anything that is generally accepted as ordinary fuel, that can be burned in a regular engine. Fuel cell technology is by miracle an accepted reality, but it’s said that the hydrogen source feeding it has to be primarily fossil fuel.

Water has a “sweet point” of frequency and wave form at which it is splitting and generating hydrogen without any electrolyte at low power. It gains overunity, but not in the sense classic science defines it. Energy is gained from Tesla’s etheric space, it’s another form of energy converted into this effect. Several people made the experiment, out of which Stanley Meyer is the most representative. He also made a water fueled vehicle that he showed off in front of the press. He died strangely several years later.

The oil companies induce technologies that only route us on the longest road towards what’s today called “free energy”. It’s anything but free, and Tesla knew that. Also did Stalney Meyer, and many others.

There is even a group on Yahoo in which the participants discuss their experiments in the field of hydrogen producing from water ([email protected]). They are real people, dealing with real experiments! If the whole water splitting phenomena was a hoax, simple experimenters would have dismissed the idea easily and nobody would have talked about it. Ever.

This is my opinion. I believe the Genepax guys, because I’ve seen many things thought of being impossible made real.

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