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Dutch & Norvegian Researchers Say Osmosis Power Plants Could Suffice World's Electricity Needs

A new approach to generate electricity comes from engineers from Europe’s northern countries of the Netherlands and Norway. They want to use the difference between salty and fresh water through osmosis in two different manners and say that their solutions could suffice the entire world’s energy needs. The New Scientist joined them both in an interesting case study.

How to use solar energy at night or during rainy days

In Granada- Spain, German scientists of Solar Millennium AG, have developed a solar-thermal power plant called Andasol 1. The most interesting thing about this power plant is that it can produce energy even when the sun is not shining: at night, on clouding or even rainy days.

Ontario Region Switches Coal with Biomass

The company that produces the energy in Ontario, OPG – Ontario Power Generation started the process of finding providers for biomass fuel, by sending a “call for expression of interest” to those interested to change the coal to biogas for producing the electricity in the region.
The company is looking forward to create the list with…

Freshwater and Electricity Through Osmosis

Robert McGinnis, Yale doctoral student and Menachem Elimelech, Chair of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, have developed systems that can harness the power of osmosis to transform non-potable water sources like seawater to freshwater and generate in the same time electricity.