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24M's Liquid Battery Can Be Filled With Sludgy Electrodes, Cuts Price in Half

24M, a spin-off from battery maker A123 has published a paper which describes a new type of battery that would outperform any existing lithium ion unit designed for electric vehicles. Today’s lithium batteries are bulky and heavy just because there’s a lot of extra material in them that doesn’t have anything with the storage of energy, but merely with supporting the active “ingredients.”

Lithium Air Batteries Find That Gold-Platinum Catalyst Increases Their Efficiency and Lifetime

MIT researchers have just discovered an alloy that, if used as a catalyst, makes lithium-air batteries more efficient. This type of battery works by reacting the metal lithium with the oxygen from the air, and is very efficient at storing high amounts of energy (three times more than lithium ion). The industry awaits the development of lithium air batteries so they can be used in future electric cars.

Knut Karlsen`s Self-Rechargeable Solar Batteries

I have always liked the idea of rechargeable batteries, because they only cost a fraction of what they’re worth as normal batteries, but now I see a different innovation that I had never thought of, even it was obvious: putting solar cells onto the rechargeable battery, and having it charged for free, and most importantly, anywhere!