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Tesla Now World’s Fourth Largest Car Company by Value


Elon Musk has done a seemingly impossible task. In a little over a decade, Tesla Motors has risen to be one of the most valuable car companies in the world, and they only produce electric vehicles!

Tesla shipped around 70,000 cars last year, so there are many that wonder about how such a small production run justifies their $50 Billion market cap. Part of what makes Tesla so valuable is the infrastructure they have pioneered, and also the innovation that Elon Musk insists on.

It didn’t take Mr. Musk long to figure out that President Trump is a loser, and that his goals are totally self destructive. In the wake of Trump’s idiotic move to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate accords, Mr. Musk ran like hell from having anything to do with Trump.

Some months go by, and look what happens, the Wall Street and CEO crew that comprised Trump’s economic counsels decide to do the same, only Trump pulls the “You can’t quit because you’re fired!” move.

Trump’s policies are pathetic, and Mr. Musk saw that coming from a kilometer away. That is probably why the same Wall Street big shots who were caught with their pants down when it came to just how god awful Trump is, are willing to pump mad cash into Tesla stock.

A Bold Vision

Let’s face facts.

Tesla may be the most revolutionary industrial development since James Watt started building steam engines.

Elon Musk has put together an incredible infrastructure, that combines green tech with outstanding performance. The Gigafactory is a monument to the ability for innovation to occur, and thankfully, people now understand that an electric car means never having to compromise.

In addition to being able to churn out cars that are drop dead sexy, Tesla is making huge changes happen in the world of commercial batteries. When Elon Musk decided to fix the power problems in South Australia by offering to build a huge battery, it was just one more demonstration of what Tesla is really about;

Massive change to the status quo.

Lots Going On

Tesla is now the largest auto maker in the United States, and the fourth largest in the world by value. The order book for the Model 3 is for nearly a half a million models, and more people are lining up all the time. It is interesting to consider the massive opportunity that the auto industry missed by suppressing electric cars for so long.

Any of the major car companies could have been Tesla, but they were to busy living in the past. Today the smart companies, like BMW, are going full bore into EV’s because they know that change has come. For companies like GM and Ford, the spanking they are taking is well deserved. Elon Musk is eating your lunch, Detroit, and the whole world can see your shame and utter failure.

Innovation means risk, but when men like Elon Musk get involved, it also means spectacular reward. It is fair to say we have no idea what is coming next from Tesla, but if the last decade is any indication, I would say that whatever it is, it will be earth changing.

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