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Tesla Model S Customer Loyalty has No Equal

Bottom Line: Tesla Model S Owners Really LOVE The Car
Bottom Line: Tesla Model S Owners Really LOVE The Car

Mention Godzilla, Wrangler, or Mustang, and you’re sure to rouse the passions of an enthusiast, possibly against, but usually in favor of whatever that name stands for.

Still, that passion pales in comparison to the enthusiasm that the Tesla Model S generates, to the point of inflamed debates regarding the merits of electric vehicles, tax incentives, even political stance. I mean, really, when was the last time you heard that a group of automobile enthusiasts tried to get the federal government to allow the importation of, say, the Australia-borne Toyota Land Cruiser 70?

Usually, if you hear someone say “I love my (insert make and model here),” it doesn’t go much further than that. As it turns out, Tesla Model S enthusiasts take their passion to a whole new level, rallying even against states that were trying to block the sales of the vehicle. Indeed, the Tesla Model S is an exceptional vehicle, even getting a 99:100 “Consumer Reports Recommends” status, which is pretty much impossible to beat.

A new Jefferies survey recently asked 145 current Tesla Model S owners their thoughts on the car and company, which revealed that they could be the best customers any automaker, Tesla Motors especially, could possibly ask for, aside from their penchant for the political. Here are just a couple of highlights from the survey, a telling look into how Tesla Motors enthusiasts see the brand and the vehicles:

  • 25% “aren’t considering any other brand for their next car”
  • 85% said “my next car will be a Tesla”
  • 89% “would buy a Tesla, even if the IRS eliminated the $7,500 ZEV tax incentive

This last point is particularly telling, in spite of some early glitches in Tesla Motors’ first mass-production model. While the industry average reveals only 70% of car owners would buy the same make and model again…

  • 98% of Tesla Model S owners “would buy their cars again,” blowing away the industry standard.

Considering that the starting price of a Tesla Model S is $75,000, it’s particularly interesting that the car is attracting buyers of all kinds, and not just those with a taste for luxury or performance cars. Truly, Tesla Motors has set the bar for customer satisfaction, but is it too high for other automakers to reach?

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