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UK Plans to Add More EV Charging Points Across The Country


Charging PointsThe UK plans to install hundreds of thousands of charging points for electric cars. However, the details are yet to be announced by the transport secretary. This will be a part of The Road to Zero Strategy.

Nowadays, vehicles and heating systems are the main contributors to air pollution. 40,000 early deaths are connected to the quality of air.

Therefore, the government initiated spending more money on the charging infrastructure, in order to make it easier to recharge electric vehicles than to refuel cars working on gasoline or diesel. It plans to install charging points on new street-lighting columns with on-street parking. Additionally, it will assess if new homes and offices should be required to install charging points.

The UK wants to have the most comprehensive support packages for zero-emission vehicles and to become the best country for developing and manufacturing them.

Aside from achieving clean air, the UK will have a chance to win a slice of a market estimated to be worth up to £7.6 trillion by 2050.

The government is also expected to release more information regarding its ban on sales of new cars with internal combustion engines from 2040.

The UK has seen an increase in the usage of electric and hybrid vehicles this year. They made up to 5.5% of the new car market in the first six months, compared to 4.2% a year ago.

According to the RAC Foundation, limitations in the public charging network can prevent the growth of electric car usage. Most of the drivers right now are not interested in buying electric cars, because it is not practical to charge them in the UK. If the government wants to reduce the air pollution by promoting electric cars, they will have to make charging points more easily approachable than gas stations.

[Via Skynews]

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