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Unilever Removes Plastic Micro Beads from Hygiene and Cosmetic Products


unileverPlastic micro beads used as exfoliating granules will be completely removed from hygiene and cosmetic products produced by Unilever NV. The London and Rotterdam based company is one of the giants in the industry, makers of Vaseline, Axe deodorants and Dove soaps.

The decision was made after environmental groups called for the complete elimination of the so-called microplastics, or small polyethelene beads, in an attempt to reduce their input in oceans and waterways.

As stated by ‘5gyres’ environmentalists, these pieces of plastic are small enough to pass through waste treatment systems, contributing directly to water pollution.

According to a statement given by company officials on Thursday, Unilever’s products will be completely microplastic-free by the end of 2015. It’s nice to see one of the world’s largest consumer product companies takes the issue of ocean pollution very seriously and therefore will definitely take part in the initiative to protect the environment.

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