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Wind-Powered Bamboo Landmine Detonator Could Save Lives if Kickstarter Campaign is Successful


Mine_KafonEach month, 42 people die because of landmines. These landmines are a major problem in 81 countries across the globe. It is common for the Bedouins in Egypt to lose limbs during routine desert crossings. To date, there is nearly no way to destroy these landmines without risking human life.

Enter Massoud Hassani, the Afghan designer who modeled his bamboo minesweeper after one of his childhood toys. He created the spherical Mine Kafon with biodegradable bamboo and plastic spikes that detonate landmines, which are rooted out by using a GPS chip that is embedded in the body of the minesweeper.

Hassani’s creation is easy to reproduce and is inexpensive. A single minesweeper has the potential to destroy up to four mines in one sweep through a minefield. Were multiple sweepers to be used, an entire minefield might be eradicated. The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York City as acquired Mine Kafon and is displaying the design.

Hassani created a Kickstarter campagin to fund further research and production and has nearly achieved his financial goal. Money raised from Kickstarter will fund a working prototype to use in the field. Hassani’s design team will work with engineers to make sure the Mine Kafon is durable enough to tolerate the mines it intends to destroy while still being modular and cost effective.

To date, interest has come from New York, London, and Helsinki.  A documentary will be filmed to preserve the Mine Kafon endeavor. More information about the endeavor can be found at the Kickstarter campaign page.

We at The Green Optimistic finds this product important since it is made from bamboo and serves a dual purpose of eradicating landmines and saving lives across the world while being committed to sustainability through its green design.

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