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How to Build a Home-Made Fusion Reactor (No Kidding!)

Get your white coat, your plastic gloves, glasses and turn off the lights… you have just made your first nuclear fusion reactor and you want it to work. At least that’s what user Christensent suggests through a DIY posted on the site, aimed at those who want to do some exotic research.

DIY Girl From Ohio Builds Her Own Electric Bike From Scratch – See How

It looks like men are not the only ones who love technology, welding, batteries and electric motors. After presenting the example of Eva HÀkansson, who plans on building an electric motorcycle, I stumbled upon the story of another girl, Jennifer Holt, from Columbus, Ohio, who built her own electric bike.

How to Measure a Stirling Engine's Efficiency (video)

The next video shows a Stirling engine while working to achieve its best, powered by a 70W light bulb. The poster also shows how he measured various parameters of the engine, like speed, torque, input/output power.

How to Build a Small-Scale Hydroelectric Generator

If you want to produce electricity using a river near your home, the best way you can do it is to build a small-scale hydroelectric generator. Often called as a low-impact hydro, micro-hydro or run-of-stream hydro generator, this system is not very hard to build.

DIY 3D Solar Panel Powers Electric Motor From 2 LED Flashlights

Ryszard says it’s much more efficient to assemble solar cell this way than put them directly into light, where you’ll lose a lot through reflection back into the environment. Some recently invented anti-reflective coatings may even accelerate the light’s absorption into the solar cells. This is one of the advantages.