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NEWEN: Totally Portable Wind/Solar Harvesting Unit Design

Argentinean designer Francisco Tablado has recently designed an autonomous power unit dubbed NEWEN that taps into green electricity for all of your power needs while camping. It is also capable of providing energy to temporary shelters and housing units.

New Rigid Sails Harvesting Solar and Wind Power to Propel Future Ships

The Japan-based company Eco Marine Power, is planning to develop a solar power system for ocean-going vessels and ships. Currently, the company is designing rigid sail panels fitted with solar modules, dubbed The Aquarius, that are able to collect solar and wind energy on board ships.

13kW Solar Concentrators for Heating Water at Home Produced by Canadian Firm

Do you remember Eric Jacqmain, who built his “Death Ray,” a solar concentrator that was able to melt everything that stood in its path? Well, Solar Beam, a Canadian company now produces solar concentrators, based on the same principle Eric used, but aimed at heating your home and providing hot water… for free.

NTU Scientists Use Artificial Leaves Technology to Split Water and Generate Hydrogen

A team of researchers at the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) have recently set up a new laboratory (the first in Asia) that will be used to convert water into hydrogen fuel. As the scientists said, the development of this technology may reduce the cost of using solar power to the same price as using conventional energy sources.

Scatec Solar Plans Huge Solar Power Project for Iron County

Oslo-based Scatec Solar plans a new solar power project in Iron County, Expected to be the largest in Utah, the Norwegian company says the investment will be around $500 million. The photovoltaic panels will be placed across 650 acres in northwestern Parovan.