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New Solar-Powered Car Wash in Stamford, Connecticut

Now here’s something truly optimistic for our blog’s visitors: a solar powered car-wash has recently opened in the US city of Stamford, Connecticut. Its owner, Mr. Gregg Mercede admits that he wanted to invest his money in something durable and eco-friendly, while still ensuring a great quality of his services.

Sunengy Signs Contract With Tata Power for Floating Concentrated Solar System

Indian company Tata is getting more and more involved in the renewable energy sector. After the agreement their CEO had with Daniel Nocera for producing energy from water, they now make a deal with Australia-based Sunengy, which manufactures LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays), basically floating concentrated solar power systems (CSP).

Wysips's Thin Solar Powered Film Prototype Charges Phone Battery

Honestly, the reflection off my phone’s screen annoys me, and I think it does the same to anyone. Some French scientists from a company named Wysips have produced a 100-micron thin film that uses the ambient light to charge the phone’s battery – in a very cheap manner.

Solarball: Ultra-Cheap Solar-Powered Water Purifier for The Poorest of Us

Technology doesn’t always have to be complex to help people. Such is the case of a simple solar-powered water purifier designed by Monash University graduate student Jonathan Liow to help people in poor countries that have no access to drinkable water sources. The Solarball, his invention, can produce up to three liters of water per day.

The Tibetan Plateau Will Benefit From a 10 MW Solar Power Plant Starting This Year

According to the company, the solar power plant will produce clean energy for thousands of residents of the Tibetan Plateau (Chek Kang village in the Sangri County, Shannan Prefecture). Measuring around 4,000 meters above sea level, this project is considered to become one of the highest altitude solar power plants on Earth.

Florida Unveiled World's First Plant That Combines Solar Power With Natural Gas

Florida, one of the states with the greatest solar energy potential has recently started the world’s first hybrid solar energy plant. Called Martin Next Generation Solar Energy Center, the Martin County-based plant, is equipped with about 190,000 solar thermal mirrors which track and harness the sun’s power via hydraulic motors.