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Europe's First Solar Powered Railway Tunnel Built In Antwerp, Belgium

The city of Antwerp is going to open Europe’s first solar-powered railway tunnel built on the line between Paris and Amsterdam. The 2.1 miles-long tunnel will get its clean energy from 50,000 solar panels installed on top of it. The electricity will be used to power the 186 mph trains as they pass underneath, as well as the additional infrastructure.

Smart Solar Developing Sun Tracking Tube Solar Panels

Smart Solar International, the innovative solar panel will be adopted especially in tsunami-hit areas along the northern Pacific coast. For the beginning, the device will be launched in Japan in August and by the end of 2014 it will be spread in Asia and the Middle East.

United States' Largest Zero-Net Energy Community To Be Built By UC Davis

The University of California-Davis wants to start the construction of United States’ largest zero-net energy community. According to the officials, the UC Davis West Village will be equipped with a 4-megawatt, high efficiency SunPower solar power system and with a great number of innovative energy-efficient technologies.

Renault Installs 60 MW of Solar Power For France Facilities

In order to decrease their carbon footprint and to raise the public awareness that they’re actually doing something for the environment besides producing electric cars, Renault has decided to install a 60 MW solar array on its centers in several locations from France.

Solar Powered Ovens Made From Pizza Boxes Ehxibited on NYC Streets

While the green technology might still be a new thing for many, something our mind needs to get adjusted with, some other people already understood that this is their future. Or at least that’s what students from 2 high schools in New York proved last week at the Union Square Greenmarket, when they showed up with a couple of green solar powered ovens.

HERIC Topology: How a Brilliant Idea Brought 99% Efficiency For Solar Panel Inverters

Brilliant ideas usually don’t need years of hard labor, or at least so it happens most of the time. For example, by implementing a switching trick to a DC to AC current converter used in solar panels, Heribert Schmidt, an electrical engineer (with a doctorate), from the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems has managed to halve inverter losses, bringing the efficiency to 98 percent.

Wadebridge to Become UK's First Town Powered by Solar Energy

There are towns in the UK which dream of sustaining themselves out of their own production of electricity. Wadebridge in Cornwall is one of them: 10 solar systems installed, 100 more to go! The town has already begun the 2015 race, meaning 15,000 MWh each year. If they manage that, then they become eligible for feed-in tariffs: profitable contracts that buy the clean energy and add it up to the grid at a good price.

SolarReserve Receives Funding for CSP & Molten Salt Energy Storage in Nevada

Besides being very pricey, solar power plants simply discourage by the fact that the sun is not always there when you need it: what happens if you need to switch on the light in your kitchen to drink water at 2 A.M. in the morning? Or on a cloudy day, for that matter?… Thanks to SolarReserve and the Obama administration funding it you may never have to go through that.

Samsung Plans To Unveil Solar Powered Laptop

Right now I’m propped to a tree, writing this article, at the margins of an enchanting forest, with birdies singing everywhere. My laptop’s battery is nearing its low percentage, and I’d really need some power source. I’d use Samsung’s solar powered laptop, or at least the one they’re planning to release in the not-so-distant future.

Tibet Enlarges Solar Power Capacity, Aiming to Become China's Top Producer

Tibet may be the home of a world spiritual leader, but it isn’t all about spirituality: the Chinese autonomous region has been using solar energy since the 80’s and has a solar potential of about 3,000 hours of solar radiation per year. Its annual input of 9 MW of energy secures 13% of China’s total production.

Atom-Thick Coating Helps Researchers Achieve Artificial Photosynthesis

By growing layers of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide on a semiconductor surface, researchers from the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) have managed to create solar cells that can ultimately extract hydrogen from water under the direct action of sunlight, just like leaves do their natural photosynthesis.

Italy Adds 7 GW of Solar Power To The Grid, Incentives Helping

2010 saw the surge of Italy’s interest for investing in the solar market, so much so that it drove the country to rank second on the new installations scale. Worries that government incentives were about to stop this year led consumers into frenzy. A prolongation of the program until June 2011 will make Italy own an impressive 7 GW of solar power attached to the grid.

Lubi – World's Most Efficient Solar Air Heater Available Commercially

Whether we are talking about a commercial, institutional or industrial facility, what is required from a solar air heater is, of course, to produce heat and also a quick return on its investment. Lubi, created by Enerconcept Technologies, is the most efficient solar air heater on the market.