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U.S. Photovoltaic Market to Double, Says SolarBuzz Forecast

According to a study made by Solarbuzz, the United States’ solar photovoltaic (PV) market is to double in 2011. Due to the latest 17 gigawatt solar project, the Port Washington, NY-based research firm is convinced that the US solar PV market will reach 6.4 GW by the end of 2015.

HALE-D: Solar Powered Unmanned Aircraft Helps U.S. Soldiers Communicate

The U.S. Army and Lockheed Martin have developed the first-of-its kind unmanned solar-powered aerial vehicle. Dubbed the High Altitude Long Endurance-Demonstrator (HALE-D), the solar-powered sky cruiser has been successfully launched at 5:47 a.m. out of the Airdock in Akron, Ohio.

New MIT Approach Towards Concentrated Solar Yields Cheaper Power

Large mirror arrays that concentrate light on a tank have been made before, but now a team at the MIT has designed a system that simplifies what has been done before and also makes it cheap for concentrated solar power to enter our homes, rivaling the price of coal.

MIT Researchers Invent Solar Cells That Transform Heat Into Electricity

If you thought photovoltaics can only get energy from the Sun, then you were wrong. An MIT team of researchers have invented a device that produces electricity from heat. The process uses the photovoltaic effect as the middleman and is three times more efficient than the most efficient lithium ion batteries on market today.