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Australia's Biggest Coal and Solar Power Project

One by one, states across the globe become conscious of their solar energy potential and act accordingly â€Ã¢â‚¬Å“ those that can, of course. Australia is one of them. With a growing demand for electricity and the challenge of polluting less, they try to move the weight from a coal-based industry to one that uses mostly solar power.

Magnetic Effect of Light Could Lead to New Solar Panels Technology

The great side about physics is that it discovers things where you would least expect them to be found. For example, just when you thought you knew everything about light, here comes an exciting new discovery that could become an alternative source of power, involving the magnetic properties of light!

Three-Dimensional Solar Cells to Be Mass Manufactured by Solar3d

Solar energy as we know it today has a great potential, but could need some help with the efficiency part. Apparently, solar cells are not very economical: almost one third of the light is reflected from the surface and the panel’s materials only reabsorb some of the energy.

Ivanpah, a Huge Concentrated Solar Power Plans Funded by Google

Google has recently announced the construction of a new solar power plant in the Mojave Desert, California. BrightSource Energy is the local developing company in charge of the project and the power plant itself is known under the name of Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System (ISEGS).

Gazelle 2: Iran's Third 100% Solar Powered Electric Car

Even if this is the country’s third solar-powered car, it is called “Iranian Gazelle 2″ and it is a completely national product both in its conception and construction. Presented on Sunday, the car’s project manager, Karen Abarnia assures us that it excels on a number of features, as sequels usually do.

Tigo Energy Finding Solution for Those Shaded, Inefficient Solar Panel Arrays

If one goes down, they all go down: I’m talking about solar panels and the way they work â€Ã¢â‚¬Å“ or don’t anymore – when lined up. There are various reasons they could stop functioning: an apparently harmless thing as a cloud shading just one of them is enough to affect the performance of the rest. Yes, they are that sensitive!

Pakistan to Build Its First On-Grid Solar Electricity System

Pakistan is catching up on its enormous solar energy potential pretty soon: in less than a year, the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) will build the country’s first on-grid solar electricity system. It will be put in place because of the energy crisis and will be a big stimulus for the local economy.

New Solar-Powered Car Wash in Stamford, Connecticut

Now here’s something truly optimistic for our blog’s visitors: a solar powered car-wash has recently opened in the US city of Stamford, Connecticut. Its owner, Mr. Gregg Mercede admits that he wanted to invest his money in something durable and eco-friendly, while still ensuring a great quality of his services.

Sunengy Signs Contract With Tata Power for Floating Concentrated Solar System

Indian company Tata is getting more and more involved in the renewable energy sector. After the agreement their CEO had with Daniel Nocera for producing energy from water, they now make a deal with Australia-based Sunengy, which manufactures LSAs (Liquid Solar Arrays), basically floating concentrated solar power systems (CSP).

Wysips's Thin Solar Powered Film Prototype Charges Phone Battery

Honestly, the reflection off my phone’s screen annoys me, and I think it does the same to anyone. Some French scientists from a company named Wysips have produced a 100-micron thin film that uses the ambient light to charge the phone’s battery – in a very cheap manner.