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Record: AltaDevices Brags 28.2 Percent Efficient Gallium Arsenide Solar Cell

A new solar cell efficiency record has been achieved by a startup CA-based company called Alta Devices. Previously unknown, the Santa Clara firm brags an efficiency of 28.2 percent for their gallium-arsenide solar cell, a number 2 percent higher than last year’s previous record, and could eventually bring down the costs of solar power to make it compete with coal and gas.

New Colloidal Quantum Dots Solar Cells Gather Visible and Infrared Light

A solar cell developed at the Unversity of Toronto, Canada, is able to harvest both visible and infrared light and can theoretically achieve efficiencies of up to 42 percent. Their tandem solar cell is based on colloidal quantum dots (CQD), and the team has been led by Professor Ted Sargent, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Project Amp to Become United States' Largest Rooftop Solar Project

Since 2009, Prologis, a leading global provider of industrial real estate, has been installing solar photovoltaic cells on the roofs of their own properties. Now they come up with a project, named Project Amp, that aims to install solar panels on the rooftops of 750 buildings across the US to produce 733MW of clean power.

Voltaic Spark: 8-Watt Solar Powered Carrying Case for iPads and Other Gadgets

I’ve been writing about Nokia testing a solar powered version of one of their cellphones just the other day, and thought it’s a pretty stupid idea to apply solar cells on phones since they’re kept mostly inside pockets, and they aren’t transparent. Today I found out that a company called Voltaic is releasing a solar powered carrying case for tablets – the Spark.

Solar Powered Nokia C1-02 Cellphone Tested Around The World

Nokia is seemingly testing a solar powered phone these days in different conditions from different parts of the globe. They put four of their C1-02 devices, each having an attached solar panel and sent them to Kenya, the Arctic Circle, Sweden and to a boat on the Baltic Sea.

SunPower's Solar Panels Enter The Guinness Book

I didn’t know the Guiness Book awards solar cell efficiencies lately. This story I read on Cleantechnica tells how SunPower, “the most popular solar panels company in California,” got into the Guinness Book for providing people with “the most efficient commercially available photovoltaic modules on the market.”

Piezo-Photovoltaic Device Creates Electricity From Wind/Rain/Sun

A new device that harvests energy from raindrops, winds or sunlight has been invented at the Institute for Materials Research and Innovation at the University of Bolton, UK. Elias Siores led a team who created a special polymer with piezoelectric and photosensitive properties.