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Thousands of U.S.-Based Jobs In The Solar Energy Industry Will Be Created in 2011

The Solar Foundation, a nonprofit organization, has good news for whoever is looking for a job career in the clean energy industry, reporting that thousands of solar jobs will be created in 2011. The fact is based on a census of American workers estimating a number of 24,000 positions to be available in the year to come.

Solyndra Installing The Largest Solar Panel System in France

The Californian branch of Solyndra, based in Fremont, has recently finished the latest solar panels installation on a warehouse rooftop near Toulouse, France. The largest system of Solyndra in France consists of more than 7,080 in-house made panels, and will generate around 1,360 MWh a year.

Philadelphia Eagles Team Goes Green With $30M Worth Wind And Solar Energy Station

The American football team Philadelphia Eagles has announced its implication in the green energy sector with the installation of a $30 million renewable wind and solar energy system in their â€Ã…“battle field”. The spiral wind turbines, the solar and the co-generation installations will give an unequaled perspective on the sporting venues to come.

French Energy Giant Total Sets Up New Solar Panels Production Line

A new production and assembly unit of photovoltaic (PV) panels will be build at Composite Park in the north-eastern region of Moselle, France. The plant’s structure will consists of two production lines for a capacity of 50 MW, equivalent to 220,000 PV panels per year.

Israeli Company Builds Floating Concentrated Solar Panels To Help Clearing Lands

Keeping the land clear for useful projects is vital to some countries that have limited space and that have to manage it as tightly as possible.
If those countries will want to rely on solar power in the future, they’ll have to find solutions for managing their solar fields and the land is just not proper for that in some cases. But water bodies are.

Overwhelmed by Demand, SunPower Increases Solar Cells Production

Despite a continued increase of solar panels production at the Malaysia-based factory that will augment the megawatt production by 65% in 2011, Tom Werner, CEO of SunPower, revealed in a financial-related conference call that demand for the company’s products exceeded supply both in the second half of this year but also going into 2011.

The Largest Solar Power Plant in Massachusetts Is About to Go Online

The largest solar power station in New England is finished and ready to deliver power by the end of November. The plant is established on a piece of industrial contaminated property in Springfield, Massachusetts and promises to produce sufficient power to light up 300 homes.

NASA Develops Solar Shield System For Protecting Power Grids From Future Solar Storms

Solar “power” is not always beneficial for the environment and our technology. A new challenge has landed in NASA scientists’ courtyard: preventing blackouts that may be caused by the next solar storm. The answer to this challenge is embodied in a new high-tech solution, a forecasting system under development, called “Solar Shield.”