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Wind/Wave Power Not Infinite and Not Renewable, German Scientist Claims

Wind power had always been considered our salvation from peril, our last and most accessible “renewable” resource on this planet. Well, Axel Kleidon, a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany, has another theory: wind and wave power are not so renewable and infinite, after all.

Wing Waves: Harvesting Wave Power By Swinging Beneath The Surface

A wave power test plant has been deployed on Nov. 17 two miles offshore of Fort Pierce, Fla., and is now being tested by its designers, researchers from Florida Institute of Technology’s College of Engineering. The power plant has been named “Wing Waves,” and works by harvesting the elliptical motion of waves 30 to 60 feet deep, and converting it into electricity.

PowerBuoy-The United States' First Tidal Power Generator Connected To The Grid

Last year, the Ocean Power Technologies (OPT) company has developed a tidal power generator that has now been connected to the energy grid at the Marine Corps Base Hawaii as part of the firm’s program with the US Navy to test wave energy technology, giving the US their the first-ever grid connection for a wave energy device.