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Adidas Makes Sportswear From Recycled Ocean Trash


adidas-2Adidas, together with researchers from Alfred-Wegener-Institut and the conservation group ‘Parley for the Oceans’, developed the first-of-its-kind prototype of sports shoes made entirely from ocean trash.

The amount of ocean trash has already exceeded any acceptable norm or limit, but it does not mean that people should give up on the idea of preventing it from getting worse, because it really can, and try to find ways to tackle it in one way or another.

Various initiatives that have been heavily discussed all over the media have managed to raise the awareness, showing that it is never too late to do something good, regardless of how irreversible the situation might look at first. Among the numerous examples that we have covered here is the plastic bottle made of recycled ocean trash, the technology that can clean up the ocean, which turned the inventor Boyan Slat into one of the most popular teenagers, and of course we should not dismiss the great research efforts put towards developing harmless to the environment materials and raising awareness.

Parley for the Oceans, a conservation group that has the ultimate goal to spread the word and raise as much awareness as possible regarding the devastating state of our oceans, has teamed up with Adidas and the German Alfred-Wegener Research Institute, to develop a line of sports footwear that is entirely made of ocean trash.

At the Parley Talk series entitled “Oceans. Climate. Life”, Adidas and co presented the prototype of the trainers. The uppers of the shoes are made of yarns and filaments that have been picked from the ocean. The person responsible for the collection of the trash is the activist Sea Shepherd, partner of Parley’s, who spent 110 days collecting ocean waste.

The trainers are expected to hit the market later on this year. Their main purpose is to raise awareness about the already huge crisis floating on the ocean surface, which results in very obvious and devastating changes occurring in marine ecosystems. The great minds behind the initiative also hope that the product will inspire others to come up with other innovative solutions and projects with the same aim.

Image (c) Adidas

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