Eco-Hybrid Fuel Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions From Ships

The pressure for reductions in greenhouse gas emissions on all industries continues to grow as scientists pile up the evidence that climate change is...

Algae Biofuel Produces 4 Times More CO2 Than Regular Diesel, Scientist Reveals

I don't know why, but each time a biofuel solution rises up from the masses of alternative energy sources, later there are news saying biofuel is still more polluting than fossil fuel. Now it's time for algae biofuels to pass through the test of actual "alga-to-wheel" pollution.

Toyota Prius Converted to Run on Ethanol

Recently inspired by public demand and by the conversions made by third party companies to make it a plug-in hybrid, Toyota seriously intends to equip their cars with various fueling systems, so you can charge the batteries at night.

Algae-Based Biofuels Not "Silver Bullet," Study Says

The process of switching from petroleum is not all milk and honey, a recent scientific report says. The researchers, Andres F. Clarens and Lisa...

Honeywell to Test Jet Biofuel in Never-Tried-Before Concentrations

Honeywell is about to start a test program meant to prove biofuel/fossil fuel blends can be used in aviation successfully. UOP, its subsidiary, will...

Norway will make airlines use more environmentally friendly fuel from 2020

Airlines operating in Norway will be required to use environmentally friendly jet fuel mixed with biofuel from 2020, according to an announcement made by...

Researchers Develop Method of Turning Sewage Sludge into Ethanol

According to the researchers this new method can reduce the amount of sludge processed by traditional treatment facilities and turn municipal solid waste into a green fuel.

T300: New Catalyst Produces More Cost-Competitive and Sustainable Biofuels

Researchers at Iowa State University and DOE's Ames National Laboratory, in partnership with biofuel specialist Catilin, Inc have developed a new technology that uses tiny nanoparticles to absorb free fatty acids from living microalgae.

If Not Grown Wisely, Biofuels Can Emit 55 Times More CO2 Than Fossil Fuels

An interesting MIT study reveals that biofuels can in some circumstances generate on average 10 times more carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, depending on how they're produced. The study involved a life-cycle analysis of 14 biofuel sources.
Biofore Concept Uses Very Little Petroleum

Wood-Based Biofore Concept Car Reduces Petroleum Usage

Modern vehicles contain, on average, over 300 pounds of plastic. Of course, most modern plastics are made from petroleum, which opens up a whole...