Algae biofuel

Algae Biofuel Production Could Soon Be Viable, Rice Scientists Suggest

Love the idea of a green car? Soon we could be using truly green biofuel from oil-rich algae. Researchers at Rice University have found a...

Solar-Powered Bacteria Convert Carbon Dioxide Into Biofuel

A team of U.S. researchers have developed a new way to generate alternative fuel from bacteria. They have genetically modified bacteria to eat CO2 and produce isobutyraldehyde, which can further be used to produce isobutanol.

Microwave-Burnt Biomass Could Help "Black" Energy Industry Become Cleaner

James Clark, the director of the University of York's Green Center of Excellence, will present some of the newest chemical technologies that could help producing clean biofuels and at the same time eliminate waste, at the Annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS).

Audi Makes Eco-friendly Diesel From Water and Carbon Dioxide

New highly efficient eco-diesel by Audi, produced from water and carbon dioxide, holds a potential to revolutionize the automobile industry and bring us a step...

Wood-Breaking Enzyme Discovered in Rhodococcus Jostii, A Soil-Living Bacterium

A team of researchers from the Universities of Warwick and British Columbia have discovered an enzyme in a soil-living bacterium called Rhodococcus jostii which can break down lignin, a component of the woody parts of plants. Their aim is to develop methods to process biomass that doesn't compete with food crops and that also offer cheap biofuels.
Bacon Bike runs on B100 (100% biodiesel)

Biodiesel – Hormel Black Label Bacon Bike

Biodiesel is what, essentially, but a refined form of some type of heavier vegetable oil, and we’ve heard of biodiesel refined from used French...

Significant Altering of Renewable Energy Standards to Endanger Transition From Fossil Fuels, Study

According to a study conducted by a team of scientists from University of Illinois, the renewable energy policy in the U.S. referred to as...

Blend Aluminum Nanoparticles and Biodiesel to Get Fewer Emissions, Study Says

A study performed at the National Institute of Technology in Tiruchirappalli, India has revealed that aluminum nanoparticles inserted in biofuels could enhance their burning properties. That would drastically reduce the emissions of nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide, also creating less smoke.

Suicidal Genetically Modified Cyanobacteria Generating Biofuels

They used cyanobacteria because they are easy to manipulate genetically and have a higher biofuel output capacity than any plant crops currently used to produce fuels.

Scientists Compartmenting Bacteria to Create Biodiesel and Vaccines

I have always thought that bacteria and genetics are not play with, but it looks like some researchers at the University of Kent and University College Cork have hacked into some simple bacteria's (like e-coli) inner structure and created compartments where they could synthesize biofuels and vaccines.