The Harriet Gas Turbine – World’s Biggest, Greenest, Most Powerful

Harriet , world's most powerful and most majestic gas turbine, capable of powering hundreds of thousands of homes, is now under final testing. If successful,...

Bioplastics Could Have a New Source of Raw Material: Animal Fats

Animal leftovers are a valuable source of fats (carbon-rich organic polymers) that are ideal for the production of bioplastics. This could make the search for...

Crude Glycerin from Biofuel Production has Great Unexpected Uses

Glycerin in its pure form is used to manufacture soap, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other products, but the crude glycerin is an impure form that is unsuitable for these products. But what if we could use it putting back biodiesel in its correct position of green alternative power source?

Chinese Farmers Paid to Convert Livestock Wastes to Fuel and Fertilizer

China encourages its farmers to develop animal waste processing facilities, which allow conversion of wastes to fertilizer and fuel, by giving them incentives. This is...

Anaerobic Digesters are Profitable for US Livestock Farms

Installing biogas recovery systems in US livestock farms is not only economically profitable, but also helps reducing of greenhouse gas emissions and underground water...

How to Make Your Own Biodiesel

Regardless of what people say, biodiesel is definitely a much better alternative to any fossil fuel. Not only that it is much more environmentally friendly,...

Gliocladium Roseum: Rotten Grapes Fungus Produces Diesel

Gliocladium Roseum is a fungus from the Patagonian rainforest, that also grows on wine grapes. It cannot be burned directly, but it seems to produce diesel fuel (or at least molecules found in diesel), out of cellulose.

Scientists Extracting Biofuels From Waste Tea Leaves

Pakistani scientists have begun to think seriously about converting waste tea leaves into biofuels. They found a way to produce biodiesel from used tea leaves, using a nanocatalyst that is able to accelerate chemical reactions.

Adama Kamara's Eco Friendly Stove Uses Biodiesel For Cleaner Cooking

Most people didn't know that cooking on a regular stove can be very harmful for the environment and also for themselves. Using wood, kerosene and coal in your cook stove is not so cheap and more than that, the toxic fume resulted is very dangerous for anyone who inhales it.

Helioculture: Making Biofuel from CO2 by Using Solar Power

California-based startup, Joule Biotechnologies is developing a unique process using solar energy that converts carbon dioxide into liquid biofuel. This new process could yield up to 20,000 gallons of usable fuel per year per acre of land for approximately the same cost as fossil fuels.