Offset Carbon Emissions with Geothermal Heat Pumps

The Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) is asking the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to recognize geothermal heat pumps (GHPs) as carbon offset equipment. Geothermal, or...

Company Uses Stored CO2 to Harvest Geothermal Power

At the American Geophysical Union meeting on Friday, December 13, scientists from Ohio State University, University of Minnesota, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL),...

36 Countries Launch Global Alliance to Promote Geothermal Energy

Monday marked the official start day for the Global Geothermal Alliance to begin its promotion of geothermal energy within developing economic regions. The alliance, which...

Turkish Company Begins Exploitation of 60MW Geothermal Field

The group already owns a 17.4 MW plant on a field where it has operating rights since September last year, so this new geothermal field can bring them a total of 77.4MW of power.

Energy Produced from Geothermal Sources to See Significant Increases by 2020

Currently, the United States generate about 3.1 gigawatts of electricity from geothermal systems. On the other hand, as the report claims, 88 percent of the world's geothermal energy systems currently in operation are used in just 8 countries.

Sewage Geothermal Technology Used to Extract Free and “Filthy” Heat in Philadelphia

Wastewater is and will always be warm, and its heat so far has usually been lost, without powering anything (but bacteria). To prevent this...

Throwing Water In Volcanoes Could Generate Energy, Scientists Say

In a search for alternative means to generate energy, scientists have gone beyond what many of us can imagine. Often the new techniques happen...

Central America's Plans to Extract Geothermal Energy From Its Unique Volcanoes

eing gifted with many active volcanoes, Central America wants to tap them for producing green energy which will cut its dependence on oil imports and also help reduce the CO2 emissions.

Development of Philippines Geothermal Energy, Helped by NZ Scientists

Among the renewable energy industries in the Philippines, geothermal energy is the one able to keep on expanding. What’s more, it ranks second among...

Michael Strizki`s Solar/Hydrogen/Geothermal Powered House – Amazing!

Michael Strizki's house is the most low impact house I've ever seen. He lives his life off-grid, because his home system feature solar panels, 10 hydrogen tanks filled with the excess energy from the solar panels, with the hydrogen taken out of water, and a 15 year-old geothermal system, that covered its price 8 times since it was installed.