Hydrogen From Water – 3 Production Methods

Getting hydrogen from water is one of today's hottest and fastest-evolving areas in the renewable energy world. The basic methods for hydrogen production, though, have remained the same...

Iron "Veins" Inside Magnesium Could Make the Perfect Solution for Hydrogen Storage

A principle that mother nature uses since millions of years ago may just be the solution to an efficient hydrogen storage material, as hydrogen...
BASF - Global Leader in Chemical Production

Is There Really a “Greener” Hydrogen, BASF?

Mention hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and two opposites immediately spring to my mind. First, HFC vehicles are, in themselves, emissions-free. On the other...

NASA to Make Its Future Rocket Fuel From Water and Aluminum

At first, I found it surprising, but when I did some research and had a second though about it, I learned that when NASA or any other space agency launches a space ship, it consumes about 773 tons of ammonium perchlorate, and releases some 230 tons of hydrochloric acid immediately after launch.
Hydrothermal Vents and other Peridotite Formations Could be a Source of Naturally-Occurring Hydrogen Fuel

Naturally-Occurring Hydrogen Fuel Could Come From Geological Formations

One problem that hydrogen fuel has is the efficiency of the system by which it is produced, mainly electrically or chemically, but what if...

Small Methanol Fuel Cells Powering Soldiers’ Equipment

Germans have introduced this week a wearable fuel cell which is based on the award-winning unipolar stack technology design. Called Jenny 600S, the fuel cell delivers 25W for up to 20h. Jenny 600S uses replaceable liquid methanol fuel cartridges and can be worn in a vest.

World's First Aircraft Powered Entirely by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

A team of German engineers has unveiled the world's first aircraft powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cells.
Artificial leaf prototype

Caltech’s ‘Artificial Leaf’ Could Revolutionize the Hydrogen Economy

Caltech institutions's newly invented 'Artificial leaf' is a highly efficient stand-alone photoelectrochemical (PEC) device which can split water into hydrogen and oxygen using sun light. "The first car...

Vitamin B12 Helps Scientists Build New Cheap Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Vitamin B12 has recently been determined as one of the many solutions for cheaper hydrogen fuel cells, that convert hydrogen into electricity and have...
World's First 300+mi ZEV - 2016 Toyota Mirai Hits the Docks in California.

Toyota Mirai Offers the Most Zero-Emissions Miles

Fall 2016, Toyota North America plans to officially launch the world’s first full-production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), the 2016 Toyota Mirai. Like all ZEVs...