Here's a car that makes its own fuel

As President Bush urges Americans to cut back on the use of oil in wake of the recent surge in prices, more and...
Coal Plant with Ash Deposit Highlighted - A Good Source of Hydrogen Gas?

Leftover Ash Generates Hydrogen Gas, We Just Need to Collect It

When power plants burn coal, wood or even refuse to generate electricity, the leftover ash generates hydrogen gas, which is why it must be...
Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth One – Fuel Cell Vehicles “Burn” Hydrogen

Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth One – Fuel Cell Vehicles “Burn” Hydrogen

Starting a discussion on the multiple benefits of fuel cell vehicles, which makes us wonder, are there any myths that need to be busted? Olathe...

Ames Scientists Studying Way to Enhance Hydrogen Storage Nanomaterials

Vitalij Pecharsky, a researcher from the U.S. DOE - Ames Laboratory, along with his team, studies the possibility of storing hydrogen at room temperatures, in a recyclable container - just like your car's reservoir.

Mazda Postpones H2 Car Because of Poor Existing Storage

They don't want to use hydrogen in a fuel cell device, but rather burn it and use the power. The principle is the same with the one in BMW 7-series from last year, but they have something different on hand. Mazda doesn't use the classic piston-engine, which can backfire sometimes if fueled with hydrogen. Instead, they use a Wankel rotary engine.
Alyssum to Platinum Process

Biofactories Clean the Environment and Manufacture Platinum

Platinum is one of the rarest metals on earth. Only a few hundred tons of it are produced annually, which makes items such as...

Jaron Dickson's Hydrogen-Powered EkranoYacht Will Perform 250 MPH Travels

Inspired by a cold-war ultra secret Russian invention, the Ekranoplan, Jaron Dickson, an Australian designer has designed a hydrogen-powered boat that can hover above the water at astonishing speeds by using the so-called "wing-in-ground-effect."
The General Motors Hydrogen 3 Concept "Makes No Sense" According to Elon Musk

Elon Musk on Hydrogen Fuel: “It makes no sense”

"Except for the upper stage of a rocket, hydrogen makes no sense," Elon Musk, the parent of the battery-powered Roadster and Model S said...

New Membrane by Chinese Scientist Can Make Fuel Cells Cheaper

Currently, platinum is used as a catalyst in hydrogen fuel cells, making them so expensive and hence unappetizing to customers. Lin Zhang, a Chinese scientist, has discovered a membrane that could make the usage of platinum history, and make fuel cells cheaper than ever.

New Metal-Organic Substance Giving Better Hydrogen Tanks

UK researchers from the University of Nottingham and General Motors from Warren, Michigan, have invented a hydrogen tank material that could replace the current heavy and inefficient pressurized tubes used in today's hydrogen-powered cars.