Tank for Toyota's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Prototype

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cars vs Electrics

Electric vehicles may have the upper hand, for now, but will the hydrogen fuel cell be the last laugh? Various automaker-CEOs have poo-pooed hydrogen fuel...

16 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Acquired by U.S. Military

There’s all this talk about hydrogen fuel cell cars, but maybe nobody thought it would go that far: now the US military has them!...

Hydrogen to be Produced Cheaply With 19th Century Invention

G.D. Botto, an Italian inventor and physicist, performing experiments on a technique for hydrogen generation, has discovered that a chain of iron and platinum wires, wrapped around a wooden stick and alternately connected as thermocouples, can be used to convert a temperature difference into an electric voltage.

Black Titanium Dioxide Helps Hydrogen Ouf of Water, Berkeley Scientists Find

They used titanium dioxide (TiO2) whose lattice structure had been modified by changing its ordered pattern. They did that by hydrogenating the TiO2 crystals and found out that the disordered titanium dioxide they obtained was black, hence the idea that it absorbs light much better than the white one.

New UK-Led Project Aims to Combine Biofuel and Microbial Cell in Cheap Fuel Cells

Biofuel cells (BFCs) and microbial fuel cells (MFCs) are about to get a boost in efficiency thanks to a project aimed at creating hybrid...

Forces of Nature: The Car Featuring Solar-Powered On-Board Hydrogen Production

A professor from Middle Tennessee State University has succeeded creating a hydrogen-powered car that produces its own fuel using the sun. Dubbed "Forces of Nature," the car (a 1994 Toyota Tercel) uses hydrogen extracted from an onboard water supply using solar power.

Japan’s First Solar-Powered Hydrogen Station, Made by Honda

When you look at it, you know it's a refueling station, but not a classic one: where are the wires, the tanks and...well, everything...
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle, Reality?

Daimler CEO Says Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles are Ten Years Off

A few automakers have promised hydrogen fuel cell vehicles in the next few years, but Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche says it's going to be...

Purification of Hydrogen Extracted from CNG Made More Efficient With New Dispersed Platinum Catalyst

A consortium involving three universities has devised an atomically dispersed platinum catalyst that could be of use in future hydrogen production systems. Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos from Tufts University and Manos Mavrikakis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison published their research in today's Science journal.
Hydrogen Fuel has a Dark Side, but Solar Power Could be The Rebellion

Solar Powered Hydrogen Fuel – The Rebellion

Hydrogen fuel cell and battery electric vehicles have one very important thing in common: they’re both emissions-free sort of. While it’s true that hydrogen fuel...