Huge “Bloom Box” Hydrogen Fuel Cells Provide Clean Electricity To Adobe Systems

Adobe Systems is launching a new emission-free fuel cell technology for cars, under the name of "Bloom Box" fuel cells, in San Jose, California....
A Hydrogen Refueling Station

100 Hydrogen Refueling Stations Planned in Japan

One of the advantages hydrogen fuel cell vehicles have over electric vehicles is that they refuel in the same amount of time...

Black Titanium Dioxide Helps Hydrogen Ouf of Water, Berkeley Scientists Find

They used titanium dioxide (TiO2) whose lattice structure had been modified by changing its ordered pattern. They did that by hydrogenating the TiO2 crystals and found out that the disordered titanium dioxide they obtained was black, hence the idea that it absorbs light much better than the white one.
Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles and Battery Electric Vehicles, BETA and VHS?

Elon Musk’s “Hydrogen is BS” – Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth Ten

Elon Musk has a very bad opinion on hydrogen use in cars. He stated it in one of our interviews with him and with...

How to build a Joe cell free energy device

(Copyright 1998-2005 Educate-Yourself and Ken Adachi. All rights reserved) By Ken Adachi (Ken Adachi, Editor) An Australian man, only identified by the name of Joe...

New Membrane by Chinese Scientist Can Make Fuel Cells Cheaper

Currently, platinum is used as a catalyst in hydrogen fuel cells, making them so expensive and hence unappetizing to customers. Lin Zhang, a Chinese scientist, has discovered a membrane that could make the usage of platinum history, and make fuel cells cheaper than ever.

Video: Jack Nicholson Drives Hydrogen Car in 1978!

This video is a clip from a 1978 CBC News, showing Jack Nicholson driving a hydrogen powered car. The concept existed since then, the hydrogen was packed in high pressure tanks, and the engine's timing (top dead center) was retarded a bit (probably 8 degrees, it's a common value). And, as extra value, the hydrogen was obtained from solar power, through some solar panels, cutting edge tech at that time.

Daniel Nocera Coming Back With Better Material for Splitting Water

Daniel Nocera, a face we see more and more often on the stage of alternative energy, along with postdoctoral researcher Mircea Dinca and graduate...
New Catalyst Developed at UNIST Could Replace Platinum in Fuel Cells

New Non-Metallic Catalyst Outperforms Platinum in Fuel Cells

Research into hydrogen fuel cells has been focusing lately on reducing their cost, in the tens of thousands of dollars. For a while now, the...

Leaf-Mimicking Catalyst Inventor Signs Huge Contract With Tata Group for Hydrogen-From-Water Device

MIT professor Daniel Nocera, the inventor of a type of electrolysis that mimics the plants photosynthesis, and Ratan Tata, the CEO of the Indian Tata group, have signed a funding agreement allowing the Tata group to commercialize Nocera's invention which produces power from water.