Obama's Hydrogen Fuel Cell Budget Cut Doesn't Stop Researchers

Although Obama's recent budgeting won't be allowing more than 40% of what's been allowed until May 9 for fuel cell research, others don't find his decision to quit financing this technology as easy as he or his administration does. Furthermore, there are people and institutions actively searching for other investment resources to pursue the fuel cell business and dream.

Ammonia Borane Hydrogen Storage Invented at Purdue

Purdue University chemical engineers have invented a method of storing hydrogen and releasing it safely without the need for high-pressure tanks, only by using the fuel cell's dissipated heat.

Nuclear Power Could Provide Heat for Hydrogen Production

Ibrahim Khamis, Ph.D at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna, Austria, has recently described to the scientific community a method nuclear power...

World's First Aircraft Powered Entirely by Hydrogen Fuel Cells

A team of German engineers has unveiled the world's first aircraft powered entirely by hydrogen fuel cells.
Elon Musk Calls “Bull5h17!” on Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Elon Musk Calls “Bull5h17!” on Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles, Munich, Germany [VIDEO]

Word Association: Hydrogen Fuel Cell → Platinum, Compressed, Electric, Expensive, Electrolysis. This were the first words that came to my mind when I wrote “Hydrogen...

Hydrogen Potential Accounts for 20% of World Carbon Reduction by 2050

BONN, Germany — The gradual utilization of Hydrogen as electrical power, transportation, and heating source would provide for a sizeable 20 percent reduction of carbon emissions...

Purification of Hydrogen Extracted from CNG Made More Efficient With New Dispersed Platinum Catalyst

A consortium involving three universities has devised an atomically dispersed platinum catalyst that could be of use in future hydrogen production systems. Maria Flytzani-Stephanopoulos from Tufts University and Manos Mavrikakis from the University of Wisconsin-Madison published their research in today's Science journal.
The Genuine Leaf was Inspiration for the Artificial Leaf, which generates Hydrogen and Oxygen Gases

Artificial Leaf Generates Hydrogen, Even in Contaminated Water

Daniel Nocera, previously of MIT and now Harvard, once called the artificial leaf “one of the Holy Grails of science,” but what if it...

Japanese Hydrogen + Gasoline Car Prototype Unveiled

According to Nippon Hōsō Kyōkai World News, a private firm in Tokyo, Japan, has built an alternative fuel vehicle that runs on both hydrogen...

Energy-Efficient Way to Produce Hydrogen from Noise and Vibrations

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison have found a new way to produce hydrogen by using ambient noise to turn water into usable hydrogen fuel. The process harvests small amounts of waste energy in the form of stray vibrations and noise from the environment to break the chemical bonds in water and generate hydrogen and oxygen.