Water Powered Alarm Clock Keeps Track of Time Using Only Tap Water

Do you usually take ages to pick the best birthday or graduation present for a friend? And does it become harder when this person...

Scientists Use Palladium as Core to New Hydrogen Fuel Cell-Improving Nanoparticle

Hydrogen fuel cells generate electricity when fed with hydrogen, which combines with oxygen and results water. Still, hydrogen fuel cells are expensive due to the catalyst used in the cathode for the reaction known as oxygen reduction. That catalyst is 100% pure platinum, which is a rare and expensive material.

Mercedes Benz Starts Leasing B-Class Fuel Cell Vehicles In Europe and US

Only to the visually-impaired it may look like fuel cells and electric cars don't enjoy success nowadays. Daimler AG has just started a pilot program of leasing Mercedes-Benz hydrogen fuel cell cars to 5 to 15 users in the US, to see how their car acts in real life conditions and how people receive them. To me this looks like a postpone of the real thing, just like GM did to EV1.

Phantom Eye – Boeing's New Hydrogen Powered Spy Plane

Plane maker Boeing recently launched a hydrogen-powered spy unit that will stay aloft at 65,000 feet for up to four days. Dubbed Phantom Eye, it is one of the most environmentally friendly airplanes available today. According to officials, this unmanned aircraft can carry up to 450 lbs, having a 150-foot wingspan.

Home Made Refueling Station for Honda FCX Clarity

It is essentially an electric car. Everyone's talking about their fears that they don't have hydrogen refueling stations around, forgetting that we have water all around us.

NiFe Nanoparticles Raise Electrolysis Hydrogen Production by 300%

A company, named QuantumSphere, has designed a metal coating system made for electrolyzers, made out of nanoparticles of NiFe (Fero-Nickel, or in plain english, a combination between iron and nickel). This coating would cover the electrolyzers' anode and cathode and increase the actual contact surface with water by over 1000 times!
To say hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are ultimately powered by fossil fuels is a bit misleading.

Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth Eight – Hydrogen Fuel IS Emissions Intensive

Some have pointed at fuel cell vehicles as yet another in a slew of “greenwashed” vehicles, but a careful consideration of the facts should...
Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth One – Fuel Cell Vehicles “Burn” Hydrogen

Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth One – Fuel Cell Vehicles “Burn” Hydrogen

Starting a discussion on the multiple benefits of fuel cell vehicles, which makes us wonder, are there any myths that need to be busted? Olathe...

[email protected]?N” Catalyst Could Replace Platinum For Hydrogen Production

A group of scientists at Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST) have created a new water splitting catalyst that could change the...

Water Powered Cars Weekly Gathering from Van Nuys, CA

Van Nuys, CA, is the place where hydrogen car fanatics meet every weekend, for about an hour, in a park. There they discuss their HHO boosters, exchange opinions and schematics, but the gathering is not only for that! They also welcome "outside" people, skeptics, who want to touch, feel and smell cleaner burning gasoline and (or) diesel. They can buy some kits or gather instructions on how to build their own hydrogen boosters.