Why Hydrogen Cars are Less Efficient Than Electrics

The efficiency of hydrogen cars versus battery electrics has been debated for a long time in the past decade. However, despite of all that...

New Catalyst for Electrolysis Reduces Costs by 97% and Increases Hydrogen Production Fourfold

Hydrogen, the cleanest energy storage in the Universe, is most of the time associated with high costs, although it is extracted from water, which is the cheapest yet the most precious element to life. Extracting hydrogen from water is done through a method called electrolysis, but doing electrolysis efficiently requires the usage of catalysts such as platinum, which is very expensive.

How to Produce Hydrogen From an Aluminum Soda Can and Water

Here's how you can produce hydrogen to power cars, homes, or even toys. Hydrogen is the cleanest energy carrier in the universe, and is...
Cobalt - Efficient Hydrogen Generator

New Hydrogen Generator is More Efficient and Less Expensive

The basics of a fully functional hydrogen economy have to include both efficient and inexpensive hydrogen generators and fuel cells. Electrolytic cells generate hydrogen and...

Hydrogen Fuel Cell Flying Car Reaches 400 Miles of Range

Massachusetts startup Alaka’i has designed a flying car that the company touts as the “first air mobility vehicle powered by hydrogen fuel cells”. On...

Build a Joe Cell Hydrogen Generator from a Silicone Tube! (video)

In the times when gas prices rise and rise, and there's no optimistic future for our pockets, hydrogen and Brown's gas generation look more and...

Revolutionary Ceramic Membrane Makes Hydrogen Fuel Cells Highly Efficient

Hydrogen is known as an energy carrier for fuel cells. It also finds significant application in various industrial processes from food processing to the...

Scientists Making Hydrogen Efficiently from Water Steam

Trying to make hydrogen a viable fuel, economically and energetically, a team of researchers from Idaho National Laboratory splits water steam into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis, but from steam, and at a high temperature.

Clean Hydrogen Obtained Through Thermolysis of Water by H2 Power Systems

H2 Power Systems, based in the UK, has designed an on-site and on-demand hydrogen producing system based not on electrolysis, but on thermolysis, which is the splitting of water at very high temperatures.

Japanese Car Runs Exclusively on Water!

The Japanese company Genepax has unveiled a car that runs exclusively on water. They even have a working prototype that was showed off in front of the press. They claim that using only one liter of water it can run with 80km/h.