Scientists Making Hydrogen Efficiently from Water Steam

Trying to make hydrogen a viable fuel, economically and energetically, a team of researchers from Idaho National Laboratory splits water steam into hydrogen and oxygen using electrolysis, but from steam, and at a high temperature.

Revolutionary Ceramic Membrane Makes Hydrogen Fuel Cells Highly Efficient

Hydrogen is known as an energy carrier for fuel cells. It also finds significant application in various industrial processes from food processing to the...

U.S. Navy Fuel Cells Produce More Fuel From Seawater

The U.S. Navy is looking at a way to extract hydrogen from seawater while capturing carbon dioxide to be used in fuel cells. Fuel cells...

Samsung's 1800W Methanol Fuel Cell Released for Army Use

It seems natural that military applications take over the new technology. It seems natural that people use their best to defeat others, instead of helping their civilians.

Hydrogen’s Recent Ascension as Fuel for Future Electric Cars

Fuel cells produce electrical energy directly from the chemical potential energy that is stored in H2 and O2 molecules. Using a Proton Exchange Membrane...
ACAL Energy FlowCath Fuel Cell is Cheaper and Lasts as Long as Conventional Engines

Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Now as Durable as Conventional Engines

Aside from the expense of manufacturing a hydrogen fuel cell, ~$40,000 in the case of one Daimler fuel cell stack, lifespan is still lacking. If...
Mazda RX8 HRE Concept, Key to Mazda RX9 Future?

Rumored Mazda RX9 Rotary Hybrid Electric Vehicle in the Works?

The rumors surface from time to time, but Mazda's future plans are fairly quiet and unassuming. Still, for those who loved the late Mazda...

Methanol fuel cell – the Band Aid Version

Here's how you can build a methanol fuel cell, at home, from band aids, a Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA) and some stainless steel bug...

Crude Glycerin from Biofuel Production has Great Unexpected Uses

Glycerin in its pure form is used to manufacture soap, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and many other products, but the crude glycerin is an impure form that is unsuitable for these products. But what if we could use it putting back biodiesel in its correct position of green alternative power source?

Hydrogen Easier to Extract from Urine Than from Water

I know - it sounds gross, but obtaining hydrogen from urea is actually cheaper than obtaining it from water, through the same electrolysis process. The study is being led by Gerardine Botte of Ohio University and it all started from an idea to recycle the wastewater.