Nissan Plans to Recycle Old EV Batteries to Wind Power Industry

To greenify their car-supported existence, Nissan has taken the decision to recycle all the old batteries from electric cars by giving them to wind farm developers - of course, at a low price.

WindFloat: Offshore Wind Turbine That Doesn't Need Heavy Lifting Equipment to Install It

Principle Power, Inc. (Seattle-based offshore wind energy developer) in collaboration with Energias de Portugal ( a Portuguese utility) have successfully installed a full-scale 2-megawatt...
Wind Power by Festo

Festo DualWingGenerator is Remarkably Efficient Wind Power Device

A few years ago, Festo created a flying bird model that was remarkably similar to the genuine article. Now they’re turning their attention to...

NASA Develops Better Airborne Wind Power System

NASA is developing an airborne wind-power system that is expected to be more efficient than land-based tower turbines. The system has two components. One is...

AERO-E: A Cool Wind-Powered Wireless Induction Phone Charger Prototype

Small gadgets like phones usually have small chargers, but they often get forgotten plugged in when you wake up in the morning and hurry up to go to work. These often-called "energy vampires" now have a solution - a wind-powered phone charger, actually a design that may just catch if someone will stick to it.

Hybrid Wind Turbines Also Working Without Wind, Helped by Biogas

A new hybrid gas-wind turbine called SmartGen has been designed to work on low winds based on a system that turns the turbine with compressed air from a compressor running on biogas.

UK and Denmark to Throw Cables at Each Other for Transferring Wind Power

UK and Denmark are contemplating and studying options to construct a connector power cable between them to facilitate the import and export of the...

Ithaca Company Studies New Self-Regulating Wind Turbine, Starts Production in 2014

Weaver Wind Energy, a company from Ithaca, NY is developing a new system for wind turbines that knows which way the wind blows and...

Enel Develops Mini Wind Turbine for Low-Speed Winds

Enel Green Power in collaboration with Renzo Piano Building Workshop have developed a mini wind turbine prototype that is more sensitive to low-altitude diffuse...

Wind/Wave Power Not Infinite and Not Renewable, German Scientist Claims

Wind power had always been considered our salvation from peril, our last and most accessible "renewable" resource on this planet. Well, Axel Kleidon, a scientist at the Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany, has another theory: wind and wave power are not so renewable and infinite, after all.