The global transition to clean energy – explained in 12 charts

A report released by Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century (REN21) goes into that question in considerable detail. The Renewables Global Status...
DIY Wind Turbine

DIY Wind Turbine From a Cardboard Roll

Instructables user ahmedebeed555 found a way to build a DIY wind turbine from a cardboard roll. He explained how he did it in his...

AERO-E: A Cool Wind-Powered Wireless Induction Phone Charger Prototype

Small gadgets like phones usually have small chargers, but they often get forgotten plugged in when you wake up in the morning and hurry up to go to work. These often-called "energy vampires" now have a solution - a wind-powered phone charger, actually a design that may just catch if someone will stick to it.

$4,500 WindTronics Ultra-Efficient Low Speed Wind Turbine Available This Fall

Using big things to create electricity is generally good - but not always. Big things tend to be inefficient, hard to handle and to install. Wind turbines are just the case of this example - if they are too big, they are too noisy and insensitive to slow winds - that leads to inefficiency in all related aspects.

DIY Vertical Axis Wind Turbine Design (VAWT) from PVC Pipes

In this consumerism ruled times, the world needs to know ways to do stuff. When electricity generation is predicted to become more expensive (it's like they predict an invasion of electric vehicles), people need to build their own power generating systems for their independence.

Micro-Wind Turbine Array Powers Intel’s Headquarters

The roof of Intel's headquarters in Santa Clara, California is generating renewable energy with the largest micro-turbine array in the US. Renewable energy generating rooftops...

Super-Efficient Vertical Wind Turbines for Home Use

A Taiwanese company called Hi Energy Technology has brought onto market a new design of a vertical wind turbine which they intend to sell for home use.

Small-Scale “Dragonfly” Wind Turbine Works at Low Wind Speeds

When we think of wind power generation, most of us imagine giant wind turbines, placed somewhere in the open, usually far from urban areas,...

New German Kite Technology Traps Wind Power

The earth's winds get faster the higher they are above the surface, and in Germany, they are hoping to capitalize on that fact to...
Wind Tree

‘Wind Tree’ Proves the ‘Silent Wind turbine’ Oxymoron False

Wind Tree, as we can guess from the name, is a wind turbine that looks like a tree. But, that is just a speck...