Scientists Just Made Rewritable Paper Real

Paper waste is one of the biggest environmental issues we're facing nowadays. A team of researchers has come up with an interesting solution to...

Carbonized Chicken Feathers Better Than Carbon Nanotubes at Storing Hydrogen

Delaware University scientists have found that not only the latest hi-tech nanotubes or metal composites can store hydrogen effectively, but also a substance that's been around for millions of years, naturally: carbonized keratin.

Excess Human Body Heat Used to Keep Buildings Warm

Already being used in many places around the world, the idea of using human body heat to keep buildings warm during cold seasons gains...

Pot in Pot Refrigerator: Keeps Things Cool with no Electricity

Do you know this man? I didn't either. It not news anymore, but I was surprised when I read what Mohammed Bah Abba accomplished to do. He invented a food preserving system (aka "refrigerator") for the people in Nigeria. Until his invention they had to sell their crops immediately and have their children hawking all day for food instead of going to school.

Cellulose Nanopaper – Strong, Light and Green Alternative to Metals

New paper-like material made of cellulose is much stronger than metal, and could one day replace it. Alternative eco-friendly materials that can replace metals are...

Photo-Luminescent Road Paint: The Future of Energy-Efficient Road Networks

Do you remember the Biobulb, the first ever electric light bulb to use an entire ecosystem as a source of light? Or maybe this one...
'Drumi', a pedal-powered portable washer-dryer

Drumi – The Pedal-Powered Laundry Washer That Doesn’t Need Electricity

Drumi, a pedal-powered portable washer-dryer presented at the 2015 Green Living Show at Toronto, doesn't need electricity, battery, generator or a solar panel. Ever worried about the...

New Type of Sand to Store Methane Safely and Efficiently

Hydrogen gas is the most clean-burning gas known to man. Yet methane, even if it's a sibling of petrol, got its way through the alternative fuels industry, and it is more widely used nowadays, as fuel prices oscillate between skyscrapers and small houses. Methane is also one of the cleanest burning fuels, and that makes it viable for a while. Methane reservoirs still exist all around the world, and there's plenty of it to help make a clean transition to hydrogen.
A rendering of the LEAPTech aircraft

NASA Using Distributed Propulsion for Electric Airplane

An announcement made by NASA changes our perspective of Airplane wings and propulsion system. NASA announced its distributed propulsion design on which it was...

Optical Fiber Solar Cells: Cheap, Flexible, Six Times More Efficient

Georgia Tech researchers have developed a system that uses dye-sensitized (Grätzel) solar cells wrapped around optical fibers to increase their overall efficiency, since it's known Grätzel cells are not very efficient. The fiber solar cells they obtained are 6 times more efficient than zinc-oxide solar cells having the same area.