GM Ultralite Concept 1992

General Motors’ 100 mpg Car – The Platinum Anniversary That Could Have Been

In 1992, I built my first PC, the same year Microsoft Windows 3.1 and Works hit the market. Bill Clinton became President of the...
Peterbilt's SuperTruck is 54% More Fuel-Efficient

Peterbilt’s SuperTruck Program Makes Trucks More Fuel Efficient

While some two million registered tractor-trailers on the road today average just 6mpg, Peterbilt's SuperTruck program is developing more efficient trucks for the future. Cargo...
Mazda SkyActiv-D "Not Quite Ready" for Emissions Regulations

Performance vs Emissions – Mazda Delays SkyActiv-D (Diesel)

As emissions regulations continue to tighten, automakers are finding it harder to meet them. Mazda SkyActiv-D, a groundbreaking new diesel-engine technology, still isn't ready...

Skyactiv-X: World’s First Compression Gasoline Engine Unveiled by Mazda in 2018

Mazda has decided to use the hype caused by the development of electric cars in order to set the stage for its new, revolutionary...
Flying Wing Prototype - NASA X-48B

NASA’s “Flying Wing” Aircraft Prototype Twice as Efficient

While aviation engineers have long known that a “flying wing” aircraft would be more efficient than the traditional tubular fuselage aircraft we see today,...
Toyota's New 1.3ℓ Engine is a Boost for Fuel Efficiency

Toyota’s New Engines Improve Fuel Efficiency

The internal combustion engine (ICE) may be old tech, finding its roots over a hundred years ago, but it’s certainly not dead. Toyota’s new...

Car Built by Romanian Inventor Gets 784 MPG Fuel Efficiency

Remember Justin Capra, the Romanian inventor of the jetpack? Well's he's done it again. Now, his ingenuity inspired him to build a small car that has a fuel efficiency of 784 miles per gallon! How about that?

Revolting: 114 mpg Avion Sports Car Rejected for Fuel Being "Too Cheap"

There was a sports car built in 1984 by Craig Henderson and Bill Green from Bellingham, Washington, and at that time it was able to set a record of 103.7 mpg for Guinness Book(in European terms, that's 2.27 liters/100km). Now they're reviving it with the help of the X-Prize Competition.

Justin Capra: The Green-Hearted Creator of The Jetpack and Several Alternative Inventions

After presenting Vasile Karpen and his wonderful but yet not understood invention of the battery that's been running for 60 years, now it's time for another brilliant Romanian green-hearted genius: Justin Capra, the original inventor of the jet pack.

Volkswagen XL1, The 270 MPG Diesel Hybrid to be Exhibited in Geneva

Volkswagen XL1, a diesel hybrid that has a fuel efficiency to be envied by GM or Toyota: 270 miles per gallon, while doing 60...