Free Piston Engine: Worth Investing In It to Power Future Electric Cars?

Since the idea of economy started in humanity's mind, everybody wants to reduce the expenses, mostly on energy dependence. Nowadays, when hybrid cars and, generally, electric vehicles are starting to play a huge role in car industry, and electric technology is starting to get cheaper yearly, there still are scientists that get inspired by the old explosion engine principles, albeit they are being used for more than a hundred years and their power source is mainly based on fossil fuel.

Turbine Engine: a Different, 30% More Efficient Way to Move Trucks

The following is an excerpt from tt engines, a company who made a truck engine that does not have any pistons, valves, or any...
Audi A6 Avant has the Fuel Economy of a Toyota Matrix

Audi Boosts Fuel Economy by Deactivating Cylinders

As emissions regulations for the automobile industry continue to strengthen, automakers are looking for the best ways to reduce fuel economy without impacting performance. Audi's...
BMW i3 Engine Being Tested in a 1 Series, Space Usually Reserved for a 3.0ℓ i6

BMW i3 First EfficientDynamics Engine Tested in a 1 Series [UPDATED]

Hybrid vehicles we're looking forward to from BMW, the i8 and ActiveTourer, and they both have one thing in common, a three-cylinder engine. Engines are...

New Engine Prototype That Mixes Gasoline and Diesel Gets 55 Percent Efficient

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have recently unveiled a concept engine that can be from 20 to 30 percent more fuel-efficient than classic models. It would also be substantially cheaper to produce, since the emissions are lower than those of conventional engines and expensive catalyst units are not needed any longer (in some cases, their price can reach that of the engine's).
Airbus A350-XWB Fuel Efficient Composite Aircraft Made Its Maiden Flight This Morning

Airbus A350-XWB, Maiden Flight of Fuel Efficient Composite Jumbo Jet

Fuel efficient aircraft are critical to maintaining the bottom line in the airline industry. Recent developments in engine and aircraft design, such as the...

Pratt & Whitney`s Geared Jet Engine Turbo-Fan to Burn 15% Less Fuel

One of the biggest names in aviation, Pratt & Whitney, spent almost twenty years developing the geared turbofan engine that burns 12 to 15% less fuel than other jet engines. The new turbofan engine also cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 1,500 tons/plane yearly.
Tula Technology says Dynamic Skip Fire could improve fuel economy by 15%

New Software Could Improve Conventional Vehicle Fuel Economy by 15%

Mechanically-speaking, the internal combustion has changed little in the last century, refinements enabling more power and better fuel economy, but there are limits. The first...

EATR Robot Powered by Vegetation and a New, Efficient Steam Engine

Steam power is being revived as Robotic Technology Inc. develops the "EATR" as in Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot - basically a robot that can have a meal of gasoline, heavy fuel, kerosene, diesel, etc and biomass, thus never having to be recharged as long as it has some wood sticks around.

ETV Motors to Launch Jet Turbine-Based Prius with Higher MPG

Israeli start-up ETV Motors, located in Tel Aviv has invested about $12 million in this technology that combines a car, electricity and a jet engine. The prototype of a modified Prius will be ready next year for testing.