Gasoline And Steam Engine Reloaded

Bruce Crower's engine is an innovation derived from a standard 4-stroke engine. It uses 6 strokes - the 4 normal ones, and at the...

Pratt & Whitney`s Geared Jet Engine Turbo-Fan to Burn 15% Less Fuel

One of the biggest names in aviation, Pratt & Whitney, spent almost twenty years developing the geared turbofan engine that burns 12 to 15% less fuel than other jet engines. The new turbofan engine also cuts carbon dioxide emissions by 1,500 tons/plane yearly.

Norwegian Airline Most Fuel Efficient, British Airways – the Least

British Airways and Lufthansa top the chart for the least fuel efficient carriers, contributing the most to carbon pollution from aviation. Air travel has quite...
Fun and Fuel Economy, Who Knew?

How Small Engine Turbo Improves Fuel Economy

Typically, even a low-boost small engine turbo can deliver 25% more power than its non-boosted sister. That means that even a tiny turbocharged i3 can...

German Engineers Develop Diesel Engine With Barely Detectable Emissions

Engineers from the Technische Universitaet Munchen (TUM) have shown an engine prototype whose emissions are very close to the Euro 6 standard, even though the Euro 5 norm has just been put into force three months ago for all new car models.
Volkswagen Twin-Up!, Second in the Hyper-Efficient Diesel Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Family

More Details on the New Diesel Plug-In Hybrid Electric Volkswagen Twin-Up!

Last week, we brought you some news about a new concept car, the diesel plug-in hybrid electric Volkswagen Twin-Up!, which shares a lot of...
Ford's 1.0ℓ EcoBoost Engine Boost Power and Reduces Vehicle Emissions

China’s Turbocharged Future Will Reduce Vehicle Emissions

The main way to reduce vehicle emissions is to reduce fuel consumption. Typically, reducing fuel consumption requires reducing engine size and power, which isn't...
Start-Stop Technology [SST] Could be the Next Logical Step in Helping Consumers to Adopt Hybrid Vehicles

Light Hybrid Vehicles May be The Next Best Thing

To reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, hybrid vehicles are a pretty good option that aren't nearly as expensive as pure electric vehicles. In the...
Ford 1.6ℓ EcoBoost - Not All It's Cracked Up To Be

Turbocharged Engines Have Low MPG Performance – Consumer Reports

Marketing and reality may often be two very different things, thus the ubiquitous “Your mileage may vary.” when it comes to automobile performance, handling,...

HCCI Engine: No-Spark Gasoline Engine as Efficient as Diesel

If you ever had a diesel car, you know that it's more fuel efficient than the gasoline counterpart. That's because diesel engines use compression to ignite the fuel, and gasoline engines use a spark to do that. Practically, diesel engines could work without any electricity - at all.