The New Mazda2 To Become World's Most Fuel Efficient Car

Mazda2 is scheduled to be launched in Japan in the first half of 2011, being the first car fitted with SKYACTIV, a technology produced only by Mazda based on next-generation gasoline and diesel engines.

Mazda Hydrogen Car – to be Tested on Japan’s Roads

Mazda is in the process of testing a car that runs on both hydrogen and gasoline (it's a dual fuel system). They're allowed to test the car on the public roads from Japan.

“Most Environmentally Friendly” Car Award Goes to: Mercedes Benz B200 CNG and BlueTec

German car magazine, Auto Test, has named the Mercedes Benz B200 CNG and the ML 250 BlueTec 4Matic as the most environmentally-friendly, giving them...

New Engine Prototype That Mixes Gasoline and Diesel Gets 55 Percent Efficient

Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Madison have recently unveiled a concept engine that can be from 20 to 30 percent more fuel-efficient than classic models. It would also be substantially cheaper to produce, since the emissions are lower than those of conventional engines and expensive catalyst units are not needed any longer (in some cases, their price can reach that of the engine's).
Liquified Natural Gas [LNG] being Transported in Finland

Natural Gas Bus and Truck Fleet to Expand in the EU

Research indicates that by 2018, natural gas trucks and buses will account for 3.4% and 12.7%, respectively, of the entire fleet in the European...

Justin Capra: The Green-Hearted Creator of The Jetpack and Several Alternative Inventions

After presenting Vasile Karpen and his wonderful but yet not understood invention of the battery that's been running for 60 years, now it's time for another brilliant Romanian green-hearted genius: Justin Capra, the original inventor of the jet pack.
Ford's 1.0ℓ EcoBoost Engine Boost Power and Reduces Vehicle Emissions

China’s Turbocharged Future Will Reduce Vehicle Emissions

The main way to reduce vehicle emissions is to reduce fuel consumption. Typically, reducing fuel consumption requires reducing engine size and power, which isn't...

Rotating Detonation Engines Could Replace Turbines in US Navy

The gas-turbine engine, or jet engine, isn't only found on jets, but in other applications as well. The US Navy doesn't only use turbines...

HydroICE Solar-Powered Engine May Compete with Photovoltaic Panels

Imagine an internal combustion engine that runs on solar-heated oil and water instead of gasoline. Sound crazy? Two Missouri-based inventors Ben Cooper and Matt...

Norwegian Airline Most Fuel Efficient, British Airways – the Least

British Airways and Lufthansa top the chart for the least fuel efficient carriers, contributing the most to carbon pollution from aviation. Air travel has quite...