DEKA Revolt: First Hybrid Stirling Engine Car – Powered by Anything!

Dean Kamen, a UK inventor, has just released to the public a modified electric Ford Th!nk, hacked in his DEKA labs. DEKA is his company located in Manchester Millyard. Kamen's modified electric car has a Stirling engine onboard, into the trunk. He uses the stirling engine mainly to defrost and heat the car, because the systems doing that are huge power consumers.
ConVerdant 3kW Prius Plug-Out Kit

Toyota Prius Backup Power – An Aftermarket Solution

Modern society depends on electricity, and without it, most everything ceases to function, including heating and cooling, refrigerators, mobile phones, computers, and the list...

Volvo’s Kinetic Energy Recovery System Tested: 25% Fuel Savings

Volvo has been working since 2011 to implement this technology in street-legal cars, and it has now been confirmed that the KERS system they...
Hybrid Scooter

Honda’s First Hybrid Scooter to be Launched In September 2018

Honda finally announced the official date when they will begin the sales of the new Honda PCX 123 Hybrid Scooter. It is a very...

Modified Prius to Get 230 MPG

Two Toyota Prius automobiles, modified in Monrovia, California, are now on the road and getting as many as 230 miles per gallon. By adding...
Start-Stop Technology [SST] Could be the Next Logical Step in Helping Consumers to Adopt Hybrid Vehicles

Light Hybrid Vehicles May be The Next Best Thing

To reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, hybrid vehicles are a pretty good option that aren't nearly as expensive as pure electric vehicles. In the...
Mazda RX8 HRE Concept, Key to Mazda RX9 Future?

Rumored Mazda RX9 Rotary Hybrid Electric Vehicle in the Works?

The rumors surface from time to time, but Mazda's future plans are fairly quiet and unassuming. Still, for those who loved the late Mazda...

Dacia Hamster: The First Romanian Diesel Hybrid Car, Also The Cheapest

After the European success held by Dacia Sandero, meet Dacia Hamster. You read right, Hamster (in German the word refers to the action of gathering, storing - you get the idea). It was about time someone developed a cheap hybrid car that, although new, doesn't exceed the money of a regular car and has the CO2 emissions of a Prius.

Top 5 Most Awaited Electric SUVs and CUVs of 2015

Since the demand for cleaner, greener energy has been increasing over the past few decades, vehicle manufacturers need to keep up with the trend. Vehicle manufacturers...

Prius vs BMW M3 vs MPG at Top Gear: Who Wins?

I really didn't like what Top Gear guys did the last time to a Prius, but this time I think they have a point (partially). They're going to race a Toyota Prius (1.5L)versus a BMW M3 (4L). Of course the BMW will win the competition... but wait... not the speed competition. The BMW will get 19mpg and the Prius only 17mpg. Why is that? Does it prove that the Prius is more gas-guzzler than the BMW? No.