General Motors CEO Dan Akerson Says Chevy Volt Could Be Profitable by 2016

$10,000 Cheaper Chevy Volt Could be Profitable by 2016

Chevy Volt sales have been fairly steady and has sold a bit over 26,000 units since its introduction, but the rumors were true, General...
Should The DoE Bail Out Fisker Automotive?

Bob Lutz asks, “Should the US Bail Out Fisker Automotive?”

There are plenty of moves by the US government that have controversial, bailing out General Motors and Chrysler is one of them. Should...
Tesla Gigafactory - A Big Deal in the Works

States Competing for Tesla Gigafactory to Build Within Their Borders

Economically speaking, the Tesla Gigafactory promises to be a boon to, not only Tesla Motors, but also to whichever state Tesla Motors ends up...

Tesla Roadster Could Be Revived as Model R

Tesla Motors first came onto the automotive scene with a modified Lotus Elise chassis and a Tesla all-electric power-train, the Tesla Roadster. Making waves in...

Nissan's "Leaf To Home" Can Power Family Home For 2 Days

The new system, called "Leaf to Home," has been conceived as an emergency power backup for the homes during a power blackout or a natural disaster. Nissan claims that the new technology will be on the Japanese market by March 2012.
Fuel Cell Vehicle, just as affordable as a hybrid?

Fuel Cell Cars to Price Competitively with Clean-Diesel, says Toyota

Fuel cell cars are nothing new, and their price is certainly nothing to sniff at, which makes some people wonder who will adopt the...

Kestrel: The Electric Car With Body Made From Cannabis

Now, in the days of the aftermath that the crisis has given the auto industry, a Canadian company wants to build the first electric car that has its body built from bio-composites. Specifically, we're talking about hemp - a relative of Cannabis.
End of the line for Toyota RAV4 EV

Is This The End of The Line for Toyota RAV4 EV?

Toyota’s stance on electric vehicles seems to be clear, so the end of the Toyota RAV4 EV doesn’t really come as a shock. Instead, Toyota...

Mercedes-Benz to Launch 2,000 Vito E-Cell Electric Vans in 2011

The van, targeted for particularly environmentally sensitive areas and for inner-city operations, is based on the long-wheelbase Mercedes-Benz Vito with a typical roof.

Ferrari Is All About Hybrids, Not The Plug-ins, Though

How far will Ferrari go in order to please all these wealthy and at the same time environmental oriented buyers? Many have wondered this...