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Florida Harvesting the Gulf Stream for Electricity and Hydrogen


The Gulf Stream is a very important clean energy resource for the area which could be harvested in various ways.

The researchers from Florida Atlantic University are investigating the benefits of developing underwater turbines along Florida’s Gulfstream in order to obtain electricity for homes and generate hydrogen for cars. In this area the Gulfstream is very powerful and helps vessels to move faster from Caribbean, around Florida till the Upper-North Atlantic.

In order to see how powerful the Gulfstream is in some areas, researchers developed a series of Doppler current profiles off the East Coast of Florida before doing the first underwater 20-kilowatt test turbine next year.

According to CNN Technology, “Researchers also are looking at ways to use the electricity that is generated underwater to generate and store hydrogen in the ocean. The hydrogen could be used to fuel clean-running cars and trucks.”

Let’s hope the research will be soon finished and that clean energy will be implemented in that area instead of fossil fuels. Maybe this example will be take by others that can harvest this energy.

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