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General Motors to Open Hydrogen Fueling Station Near LAX

Despite all the accusations that blame them not caring for, it seems like General Motors is getting more and more involved in the making of a fueling infrastructure for their fuel cell cars. GM has already invested heavily in two different ethanol companies (Coskata and Mascoma). Now they have partnered with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to open a hydrogen fueling station near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The stationshould be operational by 2008 fall.

New Iron-based Superconductors Have Green Gains

Researchers from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has discovered a new type of iron-based superconductor that shares the same magnetic properties with the older copper-oxide superconductors. The amazing fact is that the new superconductors have all those magnetic properties at higher temperatures.

65% More Biofuel From Chinese Rice Straw

A team of chinese researchers discovered a way to a new biofuel. Their new study, scheduled for the July 16 issue of ACS’ bimonthly journal Energy & Fuels, describes a way to boost production of biofuel from rice straw by almost 65 percent.