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Future Hybrid Sportscar: Porsche Panamera

At first, there will be launched a non-hybrid version of the car, following an undisclosed term of waiting for the hybrid one. As you can see in the image, the future Panamera model will have a second clutch, connecting and releasing the electric engine, the gasoline engine, and the main classic transmission.

Nano Flakes: more power from the Sun

Dr. Martin Aagesen, a researcher at the University of Copenhagen and director of SunFlake Inc. is currently developing a technology called “Nano …

Daniel Dingel’s Working Water Powered Car

This is a REAL car working with REAL water… through electrolysis. It seems that the re-mix of hydrogen and oxygen actually produces more energy than it takes to split them! Daniel Dingel from Philippines has made 100 motors work on water and wants to spread them to the world, so any country can reverse engineer it and make something better off it. It’s really amazing how we were taught since kids that water only kills fire… not always!