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Hyundai i-Blue Concept to Become Reality in 2012

Hyundai plans to become a leader in the field of electric and hybrid vehicles. So far the company has revealed numerous concepts and production vehicles. Among them is the 2007 Hyundai i-Blue, a zero-emissions concept car powered by hydrogen and by the last generation of fuel cell technology that the automaker has.

Hyundai FCV Fuel Cell Car To Be Launched 3 Years Earlier Than Toyota's

Fuel cell cars have just begun to show up shyly, and the competition is already high in this field. Toyota, who announced a $50,000 price tag on their first hydrogen fuel cell car, is being beaten by Hyundai, who announced their first fuel cell vehicle three years earlier than Toyota

Horizon's Aeropak Fuel Cells Doubling Unmanned Aircraft Flight Time

Unmanned Air Vehicles (UAV) are usually the prototypes preceding manned ones, and hence new technologies have to be tested thoroughly before applied to manned, real-life situations. UAVs have been tinkering with fuel cells lately to show that they’re capable to perform flight for an increasing period of time.

Lung-Shaped Fuel Cell Decreases Platinum Usage, Increases Efficiency

An interesting case of biomimetrics comes from Norway’s Academy of Science and Letters in Oslo, where Signe Kjelstrup designed a fuel cell having the interior structure similar to that of the lungs. This is a case where both the shape and the function were imported from naturally-developed organisms.

VW Testing Hydrogen Fuel Cell Version of Bora on European Highways

Volkswagen has recently tested two of their most advanced clean car technologies in a long-range drive, between France and Italy. The Volkswagen Bora HY.POWER and the SunFuel Bora TDI (Jetta in the U.S.) were successfully driven over the Simplon Pass, once again proving their efficiency.

Ballard’s Hydrogen Fuel Cell Generator to Power 500 Ohio Homes

According to the company, this giant generator (large as a tractor trailer truck) is planned to be shipped to Ohio where it will be plugged into the power grid. Also being powered by hydrogen, it has a source of energy that can be extracted from a clean natural resource such as water.

Scientists Discover How to Extract Hydrogen From Waste Vegetable Oils

Waste vegetable oils have previously been used to fuel older diesel engines, but until now nobody succeeded to extract the hydrogen in them and to sequester the carbon dioxide with cheap and affordable technologies. Leeds University scientists have broken the ice and discovered an energy efficient method of extracting both hydrogen and carbon dioxide from otherwise disposable vegetable oils.

Singapore to Have First Hydrogen-Electric Bus Powered by Fuel Cells and Batteries

Researchers at Beijing’s Tsinghua University and NTU unveiled the first hydrogen-electric bus that will be from now on Singapore roads. Dubbed GreenLite, this eco-friendly bus only emits clean water and has zero carbon emission. Compared with other conventional buses, GreenLite does not run on fossil fuel and is powered by a combustion engine, which makes it very quiet.

Phantom Eye – Boeing's New Hydrogen Powered Spy Plane

Plane maker Boeing recently launched a hydrogen-powered spy unit that will stay aloft at 65,000 feet for up to four days. Dubbed Phantom Eye, it is one of the most environmentally friendly airplanes available today. According to officials, this unmanned aircraft can carry up to 450 lbs, having a 150-foot wingspan.


Honda Planning to Market Solar Powered Home-Based Hydrogen Refueler Starting 2015

Having your hydrogen fuel cell car powered by some solar panels in your own backyard looks like a dream not able to come true in a lifetime for some. For others, this is already a reality and a long-term plan. Honda, GM, Toyota, Mercedes and several other car manufacturers, joined by fuel providers including Shell, look at home-based refueling stations quite seriously and plan to have the first ones implemented in as little as five years.