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Netherlands' First Public Hydrogen Fueling Station Officially Opened

The gas station also has a small-scale factory for converting the gas into hydrogen, which is stored in compressed form. The hydrogen fuel is fed through a special hose, just like ordinary LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) and then converted in energy by means of fuel cell technology in the cars.

Toyota's Hydrogen Powered FCHV-adv Exhibited in London

Toyota has exhibited its newest starlet running on hydrogen fuel, the FCHV-adv (Fuel Cell Hybrid Vehicle-advanced) at the RAC Brighton to London Future Car Challenge. This was another chance for Toyota to show just how well its current hybrids can perform in real-world conditions.

Volvo Tests Petrol-Powered Fuel Cells For Extending EV Range

Volvo has been testing lately their newest innovation in the field of electric cars – an electric car range extender based on a hydrogen fuel cell powered by liquid organic fuels, such as petrol. In collaboration with Powercell Sweden AB, Volvo’s range extender could take the EV for up to 250 kilometers more and at the same time only emit minute carbon dioxide quantities.

Mercedes Benz Starts Leasing B-Class Fuel Cell Vehicles In Europe and US

Only to the visually-impaired it may look like fuel cells and electric cars don’t enjoy success nowadays. Daimler AG has just started a pilot program of leasing Mercedes-Benz hydrogen fuel cell cars to 5 to 15 users in the US, to see how their car acts in real life conditions and how people receive them. To me this looks like a postpone of the real thing, just like GM did to EV1.

Hydrogen Refueling Point Launched by SunHydro in Connecticut

SunHydro, a hydrogen refueling company is launching their first hydrogen station that will be open to the public. The refueling point will be made available starting Friday in Connecticut, USA, in an attempt of the firm to create a chain of hydrogen refueling stations from Maine to Florida.

Hawaii's Amazing Hydrogen Fuel Project Implemented by 2015

The Hawaiian island of Oahu is about to make a huge progress in the alternative energy field compared to the rest of the country, regarding the creation of a new era for energy infrastructure and environmentally-friendly transportation.