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Antiquated Electric Grid Needs a Reboot

Electric companies played soothsayer to customers days before Hurricane Sandy’s arrival. They warned of extensive power failure and potential widespread outages. Their …

Italy To Invest In Egypt's Wind Power Projects

Italgen Group recently announced it is planning to allocate around €140 million to wind energy projects in Gabal El Zeit, Egypt. These projects should be capable of producing about 120 megawatts of clean energy a year.

Researchers Create New Electric Fuel Cell Powered by Our Own Body

Nowadays everybody’s looking to find new sources of energy. All our electronics or gadgets, including laptops, iPods,cell phones need good batteries to keep talking or playing. The truth is that our batteries aren’t so good being not much better than the voltaic pile battery invented more than 200 years ago by Alessandro Volta.

Artificial Photosynthesis Could Power Homes on a Bottle of Water

MIT chemist Dan Nocera claims that with just one bottle of drinking water and four hours of sunlight, he can generate 30 KWh of electric energy, being enough to power an entire home. This process consist in a a cobalt-based catalyst that uses solar energy to split water and produce hydrogen.