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Climate Change, Page 41

New Enzyme Allows Plants to Consume More CO2 and Save Water

Scientists at the University of California San Diego have discovered new plant enzymes that can allow plants to save water while consuming more CO2 from the atmosphere. The enzyme causes the plants to react to CO2 and change how they use their pores and by modifying the enzyme, scientists believe that could be developed more CO2- and drought-tolerant crops.

Lightnings Found to Produce 10% of Atmospheric NOx Greenhouse Gas

Every year, scientists learn something new about the power of lightning. With the helps of the satellites they have created a lightning map for the globe, which shows that Rwanda has the most flashes per square kilometer, while the flashes at the polar regions occur rarely. Every year, 1,2 million flashes occur around the world.

Study Finds Solution for Methane-Producing Cow Burps

Earlier this year, it has almost been said that cow burps are the root of all evil regarding global warming, the emissions of methane gases and, overall, an enemy of our humble existence on this planet. Well, recent “discoveries” reveal the fact that a well-managed cow could actually help reduce methane emissions.