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Everything We do Emits Heat – Bad in the Long Run, or Not?

I don’t know what to believe anymore, sometimes. We seem to run of global warming, we reduce pollution and try to “green” ourselves through electric cars, solar cells and wind mills, yet scientists (as if all this global warming mess is all on their football field) say there will still be global warming due to the heat our machines, as a whole, emit in the ecosystem.

Germany Storing CO2 Underground

Germany has an ongoing plan to store their CO2 emissions underground. They used a special drill during tests earlier this year for the carbon capture project in Ketzin. The GFZ geoscience institute says that Germany will inaugurate Europe’s first underground carbon dioxide storage site.

What to Try on Earth's Day

If you didn’t find out already by typing “”, today’s Earth day, my fellow readers! Enjoy this sunny, or maybe rainy or …