Microbial Battery Cleans Wastewater, Generates Energy

A team of US researchers have found a cost effective way to use a microbial battery for cleaning up wastewater discarded during oil and...
Woolly mammoth de-extinction

Extinct Species Could Be Restored Thanks to New Technology

A team of researchers have mapped almost the entire genome sequence of two Siberian woolly mammoths, a step closer to the possibility of bringing...

New Rice University Sensor Sniffs Greenhouse Gases

A particularly difficult argument to have with those who do not have a background in environmental topics is one that involves the actual effects of greenhouse...

LED-powered Christmas Tree

Ever thought about how much electricity does your Christmas tree consume? You need not to be scarce, but think on big scale how many...

Mitsubishi Electric's New PV Cell Module has an Output of 200W

Mitsubishi has developed a new photovoltaic (PV) cell module that has an output of 200W and unlike conventional ones it uses monocrystalline silicon (Si) PV cells. For the moment, the PV cell module is targeted at residents of Japan, but the company plans to start offshore shipments from Oct 20, 2010.

Biofuel Production Could Benefit from New Nanobowl Construction

One of the issues in biofuel production has always been making it efficient. Various catalyst materials have been found to be very efficient, but...

Tiny Biological Fuel Cells Could Power Future Implants

Scientists at the University of Georgia have discovered a new way to grow molecular wire brushes that conduct electrical charges. According to the researchers, this discovery is the first step in developing fuel cells for devices such as cochlear implants, prosthetic limbs and pacemakers.

U.S. Navy to Produce Jet Fuel from Seawater

The US Navy, each year, requires more than 600 million gallons of Jet Fuel for continuous operations. To meet the demand, fifteen US...

Sewage Could Be a New Way For Cheap Hydrogen

In the field of hydrogen fuel cell production, Oregon State University researchers have discovered that sewage can produce cheap hydrogen. In comparison with traditional electrolysis technology, sewage can produce hydrogen at a lower cost.

Researchers Found An Enzyme That Could Get Gasoline From Thin Air

"This organism is a very common soil bacteria that is very well understood and has been studied for a long time. But while we were studying it, we realized that the enzyme has some unusual behavior", said Markus Ribbe, a scientist at the University of California.