Gliocladium Roseum: Rotten Grapes Fungus Produces Diesel

Gliocladium Roseum is a fungus from the Patagonian rainforest, that also grows on wine grapes. It cannot be burned directly, but it seems to produce diesel fuel (or at least molecules found in diesel), out of cellulose.

Bioplastics Could Have a New Source of Raw Material: Animal Fats

Animal leftovers are a valuable source of fats (carbon-rich organic polymers) that are ideal for the production of bioplastics. This could make the search for...

Scientists Extracting Biofuels From Waste Tea Leaves

Pakistani scientists have begun to think seriously about converting waste tea leaves into biofuels. They found a way to produce biodiesel from used tea leaves, using a nanocatalyst that is able to accelerate chemical reactions.

Adama Kamara's Eco Friendly Stove Uses Biodiesel For Cleaner Cooking

Most people didn't know that cooking on a regular stove can be very harmful for the environment and also for themselves. Using wood, kerosene and coal in your cook stove is not so cheap and more than that, the toxic fume resulted is very dangerous for anyone who inhales it.

Photosynthetic Cyanobacteria Produces Sugar for Biofuel

Sugar is one of the key elements involved in the production of ethanol and determining the cost of biofuels. A new initiative called Proterro, intends...

Audi Makes Eco-friendly Diesel From Water and Carbon Dioxide

New highly efficient eco-diesel by Audi, produced from water and carbon dioxide, holds a potential to revolutionize the automobile industry and bring us a step...

Waste Coffee Grounds Can Be Used to Make Biodiesel and Electricity

The American Chemical Society (ACS) 246th National Meeting and Exposition, held between 8th and 12th of September in Indianapolis, yet again impresses the audience...

Norway bans biofuel from palm oil to fight deforestation

Palm oil is used in virtually anything, from food to make-up industry, and the rapid expansion of palm plantations comes at the expense of...

Low-Cost Way to Convert Sugarcane Juice into Useful Fuel

The company Amyris Biotechnologies opened a plant in Campanis, Brazil, with a capacity of more than 10,000 gallons a year, to demonstrate large-scale production of hydrocarbons from sugarcane processed using its engineered microbes, which will convert sugarcane into conventional diesel fuel.

How to Make Biodiesel at Home With Supermarket-Procurable Chemicals

Hailed or blasphemed, the biodiesel is the cheapest and greenest alternative to the driver who doesn't have anything but a diesel-drinking car, vegetable oil,...