Locally Grown Biofuels Promoted and Funded by U.S. Government

The Obama Administration wants to help the biofuel industry develop. The government is thus investing $8.9 million to award nine companies in seven states for improving their genetic breeding programs for creating plants better suited for biofuel.

1,000 New Jobs To Be Created by SunPower Corp., for Government Solar Powered Systems

The SunPower Corp. has plans to develop new solar installations for the U.S. Navy, Air Force, General Services Administration and National Renewable Energy Laboratory.

45 Percent of Portugal's Energy Comes from Renewable Sources

Five years ago, Portugal's government promised that by 2010, 45% of the country's energy will come from renewable sources (then, only 17 percent of Portugal's grid came from renewables). Sounds impossible, but it's true.

UK Homeowners Could Rent Their Roofs for Free Solar Power Through Government Plan

The British government has established a scheme with a lifespan of 20 years, costing a total of £8 billion, that allows homeowners to reduce their utility bills by letting a solar power company install their panels on the rooftops... for 25 years.

Germany to Get Its Electricity from Renewables by 2050

Germany is planning to become the first G20 country that will generate its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2050, being also a leader in this field. According to the Federal Environment Agency, this country currently produces about 16 percent of its electricity from solar, wind and other renewable sources.

President Obama Allocates $2 Billion for Solar Energy

The money promised by Obama will come from government stimulus funds designed to boost the economy during the recession. According to the president, about 5,000 new jobs will be created due to these investments.

EU Prepares Massive Investments in Renewable Energy

According to an analysis made by Reuters, the wind turbines will rapidly expand in Europe's coastal waters, bringing new opportunities and challenges for the industry.

'Smart Grid' Pilot Project to be Launched by Mitsubishi

The Japanese giant company, Mitsubishi Electric, recently launched a "smart grid" pilot project that according to the company will be able to boost the stability of the electricity supplied from weather-dependent sources such as wind and solar power.

First Solar Signs Agreements With Major Energy Utilities to Provide Solar Power

First Solar Inc. has recently announced that it will start working on a huge photovoltaic project called Desert Sunlight in Southern California. The facility will produce 550 MW from solar power, of which 300 MW will be sold to California's Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) and 250 MW to Southern California Edison (SCE).

New California Assembly Bill May Benefit Clean Energy Storage Manufacturers

The California Assembly has just proposed a new bill that would impose utilities to have incorporated energy storage equipment that can store 2.25% of daytime peak demand by 2014 and 5% of peak demand by 2020.