New Portable Wind Turbine Produces Electricity Anywhere And Is Operated By Just One Person

Designers have come up with a new portable wind turbine that is very easy to be transported and put into function by just one...

Superbus: An All-Electric Vehicle Concept Unveiled by TU Delft

The Delft University of Technology has recently presented in Germany at the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) in Hannover, its latest "green" vehicle concept.

Daimler Planning To Unveil New "Smart eScooter" At The 2010 Paris Auto Show

Daimler, one of the world's largest car manufacturers is planning to unveil the new" Smart eScooter" at the 2010 Paris Auto Show. Having zero carbon dioxide emissions, the battery-powered eScooter is able to reach a top speed of 28 mph and also has an all-electric range of more than 60 miles.

Green Pass: The Award-Winning Turnstile That Powers Itself

What can a hundred thousand Chinese people do when entering the subway? Produce power, of course! A team called "VIVA design", from the Guangdong University of Technology in China, have retrofitted those turnstiles at the subway entrances to produce electricity whenever someone passes through.

Wind Tunnel Concept Converts Wind Energy Generated by Subway Trains into Electricity

Metropolitan cities around the world build more and more underground subway systems in order to minimize the number of vehicles on the roads. The industrial designers also though to help city authorities by redesigning the current systems, making them more efficient.

Concrete Bases to Increase Wind Turbine Efficiency for Better Power Production

The use of concrete bases can prove significantly profitable, considering wind turbine towers, as this has to do with diminishing, by more than two-thirds, the quantity of concrete used for the footings of a single tower.

Wind Turbine Featuring Bamboo Wings, Conceived by Dutch Designer

Dutch engineers are all body and soul for windmills and wind turbines, because that's how their country can exist in its actual shape (windmills used to extract water from swampy places and pump it into the sea).