Injecting CO2 Instead of Water in Geothermal Wells Could Triple-Serve the Environment

When we hear about carbon dioxide, it's like hearing of a serial killer. LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), and a CA-based company Symyx Technologies, instead, aided by several U.S. universities, have changed the image of this greenhouse gas a bit by putting it into a green job: geothermal energy harvesting.

Turkish Company Begins Exploitation of 60MW Geothermal Field

The group already owns a 17.4 MW plant on a field where it has operating rights since September last year, so this new geothermal field can bring them a total of 77.4MW of power.

Unused Old Mines Could Be Used as Geothermal Power Sources

Geothermal energy has a lot of potential worldwide. As it is not dependent on many factors, geothermal energy could be the cleanest power source of near future. Two scientists from University of Oviedo, Spain, have concluded that geothermal energy could be provided by mine shafts.

Geothermal Efficiency Boosted Up to 30% by Newly Discovered Liquid

Scientists from the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, WA, announce they developed a new type of heat extracting liquid that could absorb much better the heat coming from the hot water in the geothermal wells.

Earthquakes: The Other Side of Drilling for Geothermal Power

Geothermal technology surely is one of the cleanest technologies available to us, extracting clean heat from the hot underground. This energy source is often seen as inexhaustible, and its benefits seem to outweight its weak points. For decades, geothermal companies have been drilling into Earth's crust at depths of over 4-5km.

High Efficiency/Low Temperature Geothermal System Implemented in Utah

Geothermal energy is considered to be the ultimate energy source in terms of reliability. Since it doesn't depend on day or night, or other external factor, it is practically undisturbable and has a huge potential.

Geothermal Energy Source in Paris Will Power up New Residential Area

Paris wants to invest in geothermal energy and already started to dig and drill to reach for underground hot water.

Michael Strizki`s Solar/Hydrogen/Geothermal Powered House – Amazing!

Michael Strizki's house is the most low impact house I've ever seen. He lives his life off-grid, because his home system feature solar panels, 10 hydrogen tanks filled with the excess energy from the solar panels, with the hydrogen taken out of water, and a 15 year-old geothermal system, that covered its price 8 times since it was installed.

Geothermal plants could consume CO2

Pumping carbon dioxide through hot rocks could simultaneously generate power and mop up the greenhouse gases produced by fossil fuel power stations, according to...

Geothermal power – hot energy right under our feet

Converting geothermal heat into electricity by pouring water onto hot rocks underground and using the steam to turn turbines is arguably the most promising - and renewable - source of "green" energy on the planet. So concludes the MIT experts' report, released on Monday, which examines what geothermal energy could do for the US in the 21st century.