Magnetic Generator for Sale – EBM 720

This project, developed in Budapest, Hungary is a free energy magnetic generator and it's ready for sale, as the video says. They have done this...

Pyramid Generator Runs 12W Fan

Austrian inventor Flavio Thomas (Trawoger) points out that the energy capture circuits are positioned in the geometric center of the pyramid. The materials that the pyramid is made from are less important for its function.

How to Build George Green’s Magnetic Motor With Magnets and Scotch Tape

Magnetic motors are something every DIYer should experiment. Some say they are endless sources of free energy, some say they aren't. The fact is that...

Free Energy Magnetic Motor: Alsetalokin’s Version Filmed Working

Many have tried to build magnetic motors, but it's difficult, and the difficulty comes from the fact that you somehow have to isolate and beam the magnetic field into only one direction. Here is another experimenter that uses rotating magnets on the stator, that if aligned properly to a certain pattern that he tries to find every time the motor starts.

Make Free Electricity by Pouring Water from a Can

Of all the science stuff I've ever seen, this free electricity experiment has caught my eyes and is by far the most simple and interesting....

Tom Bearden’s Free Energy Generator

Tom Bearden has invented and patented a free energy device called "MEG" (which stands for "Motionless Energy Generator"). This device transforms the magnetic force of...

Muammer Yildiz Magnetic Motor at Delft University, Netherlands

An inventor from Turkey, Muammer Yildiz, as and report, has just demonstrated his own version of a magnetic motor at the University of Delft, in the Netherlands, in front of an audience made of university staff and students. His device ran for more than 10 minutes, rotating a fan. The wind speed was measured and it has been concluded that the power of Yildiz's magnetic motor is about 250 W.

Karpen’s Pile: A Battery That Produces Energy Continuously Since 1950 Exists in Romanian Museum

The "Dimitrie Leonida" National Technical Museum from Romania hosts a weird kind of battery. Built by Vasile Karpen, the pile is working uninterrupted for 60 years. "I admit it's also hard for me to advance the idea of an overunity generator without sounding ridiculous, even if the object exists," says Nicolae Diaconescu, engineer and director of the museum.

Friction Heater Gets Almost Free Energy From Wood – Iron Friction

If this truly works (and I don't see why it shouldn't), it is the greatest home-produced energy discovery since the wheel has been founded. Lloyd Tanner uses an incredibly simple assembly of two 4x4 inch wood pieces, and an iron wheel spinning in between.

Almost-Overunity Motor Generator Recovers Back EMF

Every electric motor has a force that opposes the propelling electromagnetic field inside it, called "Back EMF". Thane Heins succeeded to recover this back-EMF and, instead of letting it cause resistance, he transformed it into useful power. This claim has brought him opposition for many years from the scientific community, because it seems to violate Lenz's law.