High Temperature Superconducting Magnets Just Got 45% More Power

Engineers at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory at the Florida State University are closer than ever to launching a new generation of high-field magnet, being 3,000 times stronger than an ordinary refrigerator magnet and will be able to generate a field about 45% more powerful than the strongest superconducting magnet currently available.

Mylow Magnetic Motor Debunked: NSA Involved – It Can’t Be Fake

A guy named Mylow has tried to, and seemingly succeeded to build a magnetic motor whose power was self-sufficient to run it. The invention was not his, but Howard Johnson's, who, in the 80's, tried the same experiment and at that time it's said it was a success. Anyway, nobody seems to have publicly replicated the magnetic motor until Mylow.

New "Spin Battery" Storing Energy into Nano-Magnets

US Researchers from the University of Miami and Japanese researchers from the Universities of Tokyo and Tohoku invented a new type of battery that could revolutionize the way we think of a battery in all the aspects, from their charging speed to their capacity and discharging power.

NIST`s First Magnetic Refrigerator: Quieter, More Energy Efficient

As an addition to yesterday's passive, solar powered air conditioning article, I found out today that NIST researchers (in collaboration with Chinese scientists) have a strong word to say in refrigeration technology that could revolutionize the inside components and operating cycle of that electricity guzzling, big, old fridge of yours. Well, ok, it may not be as old as I said, but the idea behind it surely is.

DIY: How to Build a $1 Magnetic Motor With Some Screws

What you are going to see in this video is nothing you don't know. In fact, I urge any weird-science reader to try and make the device from the video below, respecting the pictured details. I'll make it myself from a hard drive plate and a used scotch tape support. Let's see how much time it works, and if it can be improved.

The Magnetic Air Car: a Step Towards Free Energy Devices?

San Jose's West Coast Green conference from last week had a point of attraction: the world's first fuel-less car, made by Magnetic Air Car. They even say it will be produced beginning with 2010.

Joe Newman's Free Energy Device – Eye Witness News Video

Joe Newman claims for a long time he has succeeded to make a free energy device by using magnets. A lot of people hate...

Magnetic Generator for Sale – EBM 720

This project, developed in Budapest, Hungary is a free energy magnetic generator and it's ready for sale, as the video says. They have done this...

The First Magnetic Refrigerator Coming from Denmark

A group of researchers at the Technical University of Denmark's project laboratory in Risi¸ have discovered a cooling method that uses magnetic materials instead...

Aussie Free Energy Generator – (presented by Sky News)

Another free energy generator, this time from Australia. It can produce as much as five times the input applied to it. It could power...