World's Shortest Range EV Features New Li-Ion Capacitor As Power Source

FDK Corporation in collaboration with Takayanagi Co Ltd has developed a new single-seater electric vehicle. The electric car is also equipped with a lithium ion capacitor that, according to the two companies, is able to charge it in under a minute. This could be the reason why the car has a range of just 5 km per charge.

Solar Powered Ovens Made From Pizza Boxes Ehxibited on NYC Streets

While the green technology might still be a new thing for many, something our mind needs to get adjusted with, some other people already understood that this is their future. Or at least that's what students from 2 high schools in New York proved last week at the Union Square Greenmarket, when they showed up with a couple of green solar powered ovens.

The Stirling Racer: Nice But Expensive Stirling Engine Toy Powered By The Sun

It's nice for a toy, but difficult to understand when it comes to explaining the true greenness of this invention. A stirling engine-powered toy just hit the market recently, combining a 194-year-old engine concept touted today for its fuel flexibility with solar power-the baby that modern science wants to grow.

Logitech's Solar Powered Wireless Keyboard: Pointless Green In a Plastic Case

A solar powered keyboard has been launched by Logitech yesterday. Not only it will announce you through a special software that it needs recharging, the innovative keyboard also saves precious power... in vain.

Danish Hotel Gives Free Meal to Anyone Cycling for 15 Minutes in Their Gym

While pointless as a way to really change something in the course of pollution reduction, a Danish hotel found a way to both motivate their customers to go green by pedaling and give them a free $36 meal voucher.

1998 Volkswagen Scirocco Powered by Coffee Granules

Today, the auto field is dominated by vehicles running on electricity or other alternative sources of energy but there is a team from the...

SOccket – A Soccer Ball That Generates and Stores Renewable Energy

A group of students at the Harvard University have come up with an ingenious idea that could change the lives of African people. They have developed an energy harvesting soccer ball called sOccket that is able to produce electric energy when being kicked around.

Pointless Green: Koreans Developing Weird Pedal-Powered Aircraft

It's been a while since I've laughed at something this funny and pointless on this blog. Well, it looks like the Koreans don't (or do they?) have a practical sense when they invest $290,000 on a pedal-powered airplane.

Pedal-Powered Blender: Saving The World One Carrot at a Time

After so much seriousness, let's try and take a look at something else, a new invention that will surely change the way we live, think, and act during our irresponsible ride to the grocery store.

Do Africans Plan to Produce Energy by Pulling a Roll After Them?

An african inventor, by his name Cedrick Ngalande, has invented a device called the Green Erg, that could harness the pulling force of a person or moving vehicle, and convert some of it into electricity. Though I don't see his invention any soon on any European or US market, it seems some say that it will have a great success in Africa, there where you have to make electricity out of anything.