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Mercedes Says They Tried EV Battery Swapping and It Didn't Work

I happen to be an electric car enthusiast. I like the idea of driving clean and having silent power underneath me. It’s been talked about project Better Place lately, as being a system who uses a battery swapping infrastructure. IBM and the Danish government have involved in such a project and found it reliable. Mercedes, on the other hand, says they have tested the system in the 70s and found out it’s not so safe.

Almost-Overunity Motor Generator Recovers Back EMF

Every electric motor has a force that opposes the propelling electromagnetic field inside it, called “Back EMF”. Thane Heins succeeded to recover this back-EMF and, instead of letting it cause resistance, he transformed it into useful power. This claim has brought him opposition for many years from the scientific community, because it seems to violate Lenz’s law.

IBM Helping Denmark Develop Country-Wide Electric Car Network

I was saying the other year that Denmark is powered mostly by its wind farms, and that the energy generated by these wind farms is in excess. They want to build an electric car network that would operate across the country and that would use the excess energy and transport it to propel people from here to there, cheaply and in an environmentally friendly fashion.

Genepax (Japanese Water Car Company) Shut to Silence

In June last year, everyone may have heard the buzz about a japanese water car. The buzz was about Genepax, a company from Japan who had claimed that they invented a revolutionary system that splits water into hydrogen and oxygen and then uses a fuel cell to recombine it and generate electricity. That electricity would have driven a car, fact that they demonstrated in front of the press at that time.