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The Electric Chevy Spark Will Debut in India at a Low Price

It looks like all the big players in the auto industry need boosts and help from their competition after all for succeeding in their plans. GM and Reva Electric Car Co., from India, announced that they will start producing a small electric car for the Indian market, based on GM’s Chevrolet Spark. The announcement was made by GM India president Karl Slym.

The Electric Car's Song

I heard this is a little old, but it fits into GreenOptimistic’s subjects, and, there sure are people who haven’t seen it.

Arab Oil Company Acquires 4% of Tesla Motors

I don’t want to cross the decent border of believing in a conspiracy theory, but when the oil business is threatened these days, it’s normal that oil magnates wouldn’t sit back and watch electric cars and alternative energy providers take their piece of meat from right in front of them.