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Arab Oil Company Acquires 4% of Tesla Motors

I don’t want to cross the decent border of believing in a conspiracy theory, but when the oil business is threatened these days, it’s normal that oil magnates wouldn’t sit back and watch electric cars and alternative energy providers take their piece of meat from right in front of them.

Biofuels Run Your Car 81% Farther If Converted to Electricity

I know my opinion doesn’t matter to those who matter, but it rather matters to me and probably to you, my reader. Since I saw what electricity could mean to the car industry and how it can revolutionize the way and what cars consume energy, I totally changed my mind about biofuels and other burnable liquids or solids. They are here, are working, but not for long – at least I hope so.

Electric Cars Coming from China

As many producers announce their hybrid or electric cars, it’s a more obvious sign that the future is for electric cars.
There is a competition to be the first one to produce electric cars and have them on the road.

China is trying to get on the track for this and they will try to produce 500 000 electric cars in the next two years. It might not sound much, but compared to the 2100 produced last year, it’s a great evolution.

Mercedes Says They Tried EV Battery Swapping and It Didn't Work

I happen to be an electric car enthusiast. I like the idea of driving clean and having silent power underneath me. It’s been talked about project Better Place lately, as being a system who uses a battery swapping infrastructure. IBM and the Danish government have involved in such a project and found it reliable. Mercedes, on the other hand, says they have tested the system in the 70s and found out it’s not so safe.