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Ford’s Electric Vehicle Plans Unveiled at NAIAS in Detroit

North American International Auto Show in Detroit brought in sight several car companies interested in hybrid and electric cars. Ford Motor Co in planning by 2011 to implement fully electric cars that have an autonomy of at least 160 km on a single charge. Ford will also offer gas-electric hybrid cars by 2012.

WrightSpeed X1 – The First Retired Electric Sportscar

Remember Ian Wright? Right, he’s the inventor and producer of Wrightspeed X1, the first most famous electric sportscar. This summer his car was on top of all the newspapers, environmental and auto blogs. Now, the same famous sportscar with plans to be commercialized and developed in the coming years, is being retired and put on the shelf. Why is that happening?

Mercedes Benz BlueZERO – A Trio of Green Concepts

Mercedes-Benz announced the BlueZERO concept which will be presented at the Detroit Auto Show, in January. Three different models will be available, all based on the Class B model, including the fully electric BlueZERO E-Cell featuring a lithium-ion battery that offers it an autonomy of up to 200 km, a 100 kW electric engine (equivalent to 136 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 320 Nm.

Top Gear Review on Another Electric Car: The Tesla Roadster

Of course, maybe you’ve watched Top Gear’s Prius evaluation a few years ago. It was about the 2001 generation of the hybrid, and they’ve been a little harsh to it (Jeremy Clarkson showed us how fun it is to rifle a high tech car). Now, the all-famous Jeremy Clarkson didn’t rifle anything (yet), but what he was trying to prove with this Tesla Roadster video just isn’t fair.

BYD F3DM: Chevy Volt Technology, Cheaper, Chinese, Available Today

Its name sounds like it’s taken out of Star Trek. Still, this is Chinese technology kicking some much bigger butts all over the world. BYD, the Chinese cell phone battery maker unveils today the F3DM, an all-electric sedan designed to show some more capitalist, more prudent, oil-led giant companies like Chevrolet, GM or Toyota, that you can do a decent electric car with a low price and high expectations.

Michelin Active Wheel: All-In-One Standard for Engine, Brake & Suspension

The active wheel features an electric motor, a braking and an electric suspension system, which is something only seen in the military about two years ago. The electric suspension is basically the same with a classic one, except the central shock absorbers, that comprise active, step-by-step motors driving a rack-and-pinion system at each wheel, that can cancel out anything the computer tells them to.

Video: 2011 Chevy Volt Test Drive

Here’s a video we’ve been expecting for so long: a real image of a real car, expected by so many electric vehicle enthusiasts. Enjoy…