Ford’s Electric Vehicle Plans Unveiled at NAIAS in Detroit

North American International Auto Show in Detroit brought in sight several car companies interested in hybrid and electric cars. Ford Motor Co in planning by 2011 to implement fully electric cars that have an autonomy of at least 160 km on a single charge. Ford will also offer gas-electric hybrid cars by 2012.

Angel Car Becomes World's First Mobile Charging Station

A Swiss company has found a new method to charge electric vehicles if they run out of power or when they are away from home. Called Angel Car, the company's new mobile charging station is located inside the back of a van that can be driven anywhere electric cars need electricity.

Top Gear's Bad Jokes Hit The Nissan Leaf This Time

Now, filming for a new series of their Top Gear show, petrolhead Jeremy Clarkson and his crew apparently rode a Nissan Leaf for 30 miles until the battery ran out, only to show how they don't believe electric cars are not the future, and have some spectators push the car to the nearest wall socket, at the University of Lincoln.

Nissan Rolls In Wireless Charging For The Leaf

Any business owner knows that you have to make money to stay in business. Big or small, if you don't have customers, you can't...
Just imagine this Nissan reefer without that nasty "Diesel" tag.

Nissan Unveils 100% Electric Reefer

In order to get goods from place to place, especially temperature sensitive goods such as food items, delivery drivers use refrigerated trucks, reefers, to...
World's First 300+mi ZEV - 2016 Toyota Mirai Hits the Docks in California.

Toyota Mirai Offers the Most Zero-Emissions Miles

Fall 2016, Toyota North America plans to officially launch the world’s first full-production hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV), the 2016 Toyota Mirai. Like all ZEVs...
Charging Points

UK Plans to Add More EV Charging Points Across The Country

The UK plans to install hundreds of thousands of charging points for electric cars. However, the details are yet to be announced by the...

K1 Evelio Could Become a Real Competitor For Tesla Roadster

Of course, before you'll have read this article, your eyes will instinctively have looked at the picture first and what you'll have seen will...
Tesla Dual Motor Model 3 Performance

Model 3 Performance – Tesla Has Lied About Its 0-60 Time

Tesla states that 0-60 mph time of its Dual Motor Model 3 Performance is 3.5 seconds. However, it might have lied to us: it...

RAV4 EV Revived by Toyota and Tesla Motors Venture

Because Tesla and Toyota made an agreement this spring to build an electric car, everybody thought that the joint venture between them will result in a small car being built, like we've been used to - the Prius, the Roadster, the Yaris etc.