Vending Machines as Electric Vehicle Chargers In Japan From March

Although few for the moment, electric cars in Japan already have a bright future when it comes to charging, as a consortium made from ten companies want to give beverage vending machines another use: you guessed.... EV chargers.

Cummins Chooses India to Invest $500 million to Develop Electric Powertrain Manufacturing

Powertrains are the heart of vehicles as they constitute the components that generate power and deliver them to the road. Cummins Inc., a U.S.-based...

NY Times Poo-Poos Tesla Model S – Musk Strikes Back With Fact

It's one thing to take a car for a test drive and give it a review, but another thing entirely to gloss over your...

Solar Charging Station for EVs and PHEVs by Toyota

By April 2010, Toyota will put in place around 21 charging stations for plug-in hybrid vehicles(PHVs) and electric vehicles(EVs)in Aichi Prefecture . The most interesting thing about these stations is the fact that they are charging themselves using solar power.

Tesla Aims for New Neural Net Computer in Production in 6 Months

Elon Musk said that Tesla will soon release the company’s new neural net computer. He claims it will be the ‘world’s most advanced computer...

Secret Renault Data Regarding EV Development Leaked by Top Managers

Renault SA is expected to take legal action against three of its top managers as a company secret disclosure scandal erupts. Apparently the information leakage involves the electric-vehicle technology, thus relating Japanese partner Nissan to the matter, not to mention the French state which owns 15% of Renault.
Are electric vehicles "obviously better" than fuel cell vehicles?

Fuel Cell Vehicle Myth Nine – One is “Obviously Better” than the Other

How about that for a vague title? Perhaps the biggest argument between hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and battery electric vehicles is attempting to prove...
Tesla Superchargers Just Getting Started in Europe

Tesla Supercharger Network Expanding Across Europe

Which came first, Tesla Model S or the Tesla Supercharger? Well, obviously the Tesla Model S came first, and most popularly so! In Norway, for...

First Electric Commuter Airplane Expected Within Three Years

This is the moment we have all been waiting for. The first electric commuter airplane is almost ready to go, it only needs its...

RAV4 EV Revived by Toyota and Tesla Motors Venture

Because Tesla and Toyota made an agreement this spring to build an electric car, everybody thought that the joint venture between them will result in a small car being built, like we've been used to - the Prius, the Roadster, the Yaris etc.