EV-Charging “Transport Turbine” Creates Pipe Dream Buzz

It was inevitable that after Ford showed their first solar car, it would not be long before others start exploring means to generate power...

Magnetic Pendulum: A Free Energy Device Running for Three Years Now

This is another free energy device using magnets taken from PESWiki.com. The inventor is George Delk, who allegedly runs this device for three years now.

About Free Energy by Sterling D. Allan from PESWiki.com

This is Sterling D. Allan, the founder of PESWiki.com, NewEnergyCongress.com, and many other sites linked in a network between them. He speaks about the...

How to Build Your Own Water Car at Home

In July 2005, an American mechanic released most of the details of his simple conversion system which allows an ordinary car to use water...

Chas Campbell's Gravitational Free Energy Machine

Chas Campbell has created an electro-mechanical energy machine, which uses the gravitational power to rotate a flywheel, and then power an alternator which consumes...
LEDs Lit up by Murata's new DC Magnetic Resonance Wireless Power Transmission

Murata Manufacturing Develops Wireless Charging More Efficient

A development by Murata Manufacturing could make electric vehicle wireless charging more flexible and efficient. Wireless charging for could be one of the game-changing technologies...

SMES: New Energy Storing Technology by ABB Using Electromagnetic Fields and Superconductivity

ABB, a Swiss-based engineering company, has presented a prototype of their innovative superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES), at a DOE ARPA-E conference which took place in Washigton D.C. at the beginning of this month. Their 3.3 kWh proof-of-concept SMES is not very cost-effective for the moment, but may one day provide cleaner storage solutions for excess alternative energy.

The Magnetic Air Car: a Step Towards Free Energy Devices?

San Jose's West Coast Green conference from last week had a point of attraction: the world's first fuel-less car, made by Magnetic Air Car. They even say it will be produced beginning with 2010.

Japanese Car Runs Exclusively on Water!

The Japanese company Genepax has unveiled a car that runs exclusively on water. They even have a working prototype that was showed off in front of the press. They claim that using only one liter of water it can run with 80km/h.

$150,000 Sportscar Runs on Water and Gasoline

Ronn Motor Company has proven what thousands of amateur energy enthusiasts from around the world keep researching in their garages for years: that it can run a gasoline sportscar (Scorpio) on both hydrogen and gasoline, mixing them on a 30 to 40 percent ratio.