A Ferrofluid-Based Free Energy Device You Should Experiment

Someone got my attention these days with a device supposed to produce energy by using ferrofluids. He called this device "Continuous Friction Motion Machine," and the energy generated would be dead cheap.

Free Energy Inventors: Scammers or The Real Deal? (video)

Free energy is, in essence, unachievable. You cannot get energy out of nothing - yet there are people all of the world claiming they've made discoveries in the field of "free" energy. They don't claim their devices get their energy out of nowhere, but from gravity, magnetism and a form of still undefined energy called "zero point energy."

Pyramid Generator Runs 12W Fan

Austrian inventor Flavio Thomas (Trawoger) points out that the energy capture circuits are positioned in the geometric center of the pyramid. The materials that the pyramid is made from are less important for its function.

Karpen’s Pile: A Battery That Produces Energy Continuously Since 1950 Exists in Romanian Museum

The "Dimitrie Leonida" National Technical Museum from Romania hosts a weird kind of battery. Built by Vasile Karpen, the pile is working uninterrupted for 60 years. "I admit it's also hard for me to advance the idea of an overunity generator without sounding ridiculous, even if the object exists," says Nicolae Diaconescu, engineer and director of the museum.

Muammer Yildiz Magnetic Motor at Delft University, Netherlands

An inventor from Turkey, Muammer Yildiz, as Overunity.com and Pesn.com report, has just demonstrated his own version of a magnetic motor at the University of Delft, in the Netherlands, in front of an audience made of university staff and students. His device ran for more than 10 minutes, rotating a fan. The wind speed was measured and it has been concluded that the power of Yildiz's magnetic motor is about 250 W.

Scientists Discover Huge Energy Source by Breaking a Nature Law In Ion Collider

Things are to be discussed, but it looks like scientists from the Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island, using their Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC), created a symmetry-breaking bubble of space where parity, one of nature's fundamental concepts, no longer existed for a tiny fraction of a second.

Free Energy Magnetic Motor: Alsetalokin’s Version Filmed Working

Many have tried to build magnetic motors, but it's difficult, and the difficulty comes from the fact that you somehow have to isolate and beam the magnetic field into only one direction. Here is another experimenter that uses rotating magnets on the stator, that if aligned properly to a certain pattern that he tries to find every time the motor starts.

Free Energy Generator – The Pinwheel Gravity Engine

Pinwheels have been used for many things along history. One of the most interesting uses I've ever seen is making a pinwheel act as a free energy generator, powered by gravity.

Steorn's Free Energy Machine to Be Tested One More Time This Year

Maybe you've heard about Steorn and their Orbo. Steorn is an Irish company that has been promising for a few years to accomplish something mankind has been dreaming for thousands of years: some call it perpetuum mobile, others call it overunity, but it is mostly known as "free energy" in lay terms.

BlackLight Power Sells 400 MW Free Energy Generator to Akridge Energy

On July 30, BlackLight Power announced a commercial license agreement with Maryland-based Akridge Energy. BLP will allow Akridge to use their energy producing process for generating electricity in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Colombia, up to a maximum continuous capacity of 400 MW.