Ten More Tesla Motors Stores Planned in China This Year

Tesla Motors’ Big Plans in China in 2014

The automobile sector in China is growing, and the nouveau riche in China are looking for premium vehicles, such as those offered by Tesla...
Chevy Spark EV at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show

General Motors Developing a High Range Electric Vehicle for 2014

Automobile technology is continually evolving, and one rumor we'd like to see come true is General Motors high range electric vehicle that's actually affordable....

General Motors to Open Hydrogen Fueling Station Near LAX

Despite all the accusations that blame them not caring for, it seems like General Motors is getting more and more involved in the making of a fueling infrastructure for their fuel cell cars. GM has already invested heavily in two different ethanol companies (Coskata and Mascoma). Now they have partnered with Clean Energy Fuels Corp. to open a hydrogen fueling station near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The stationshould be operational by 2008 fall.

GM Hy-Wire Fuel Cell Vehicle Tested by Top Gear

...and here's the HyWire technology, the one the world has been talking about in the last few months. It's a concept made by General Motors, there is only one example of it made, and it runs on fuel cell power. I mean... hydrogen power.
Is Tesla Motors Ready for Sale?

Might General Motors Buy Tesla Motors Next Year?

One of the most valuable automobile manufacturers in the world, Tesla Motors is valued at around $20 billion, which begs the question, does anyone...
General Motors' Dan Akerson

Tesla Motors – GM’s Newest Threat, According to Dan Akerson

Tesla Motors has been success after success, and this young company has started to attract the attention of long-established automakers, like General Motors, who...
General Motors Could Turn this Opel Ampera EVer into a Full Plug-In Diesel Hybrid Electric Vehicle

General Motors’ Opel Diesel Hybrid Coming Soon to Europe

It may come as a surprise that Opel's current engine lineup is already ready to meet European automobile emissions standards for 2015, but for...
Volkswagen XL1's fuel economy prowess has as much to do with its lightweight construction as with it's powertrain and aerodynamics.

Lightweight Cars Will Drive Fuel Economy Future, say Carmakers

Fuel economy in the automotive industry has been largely dependent on aerodynamics and powertrain enhancements, but lightweight cars are going to take us into...
FTC on ADAs and Tesla Motors "Hold Your Horses!"

Federal Trade Commission Speaks up Regarding Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors has no problem selling cars in California, China, or Germany, since direct sales are no problem in these places. On the other hand,...
More General Motors' solar power going online Fall 2014

General Motors Expanding Solar Power

Cutting into the bottom line and cutting into the carbon footprint, that’s the aim behind General Motors’ continuing solar power expansion at its facilities...